The number of ways that you can make money online is growing every day. The beauty of it is the fact that anyone can make money online. All you would have to do is try and see what would be a perfect fit for you. 

The internet and handheld devices have made making money online so much easier. You could be trading and transacting while on the go every day all day except when you need to catch some sleep. 

Benefits of making money online

  •   Work remotely in your pajamas in the comfort of your home
  •   Most countries will not tax online income
  •   Global market exposure at low overheads for retailers
  •   Little to no time zone restrictions

The benefits are quite many to exhaust with a list as they also depend on what business niche you might be working on. 

Three ways to make money online:

1. Become a freelance writer


Content has become king and the new currency that makes the digital space and markets go round. If you have a creative mind and decent writing skills, there are a ton of companies who would want to use your expertise in writing digital content for them. 

Better yet, if you are a specialist in areas such as automotive, psychology, law or teaching you can leverage on that expertise to offer informed insight to massive digital audiences and get paid while at it. You can find such opportunities in freelance writing job boards online. No one is born exceptional and skilled at something; practice makes perfect. If you feel uncertain and shy, try to start publishing on anonymous platforms, this discourse allowing platform can help you do so with no need to show your identity or giving any personal details, try it, there’s nothing to lose.

2. Airbnb


For a stay at home mom or dad with a bit of extra room in the house, this can be a perfect revenue stream. If the kids are all grown up and you have the large home to yourself, you can run an online bed and breakfast. 

Airbnb is flexible enough to let you rent out the whole property or sections of it to travelers who want to stay at your property for a preset daily fee. 

Before, marketing has always been the major problem when trying out such ventures. But today, with the use of apps and a smartphone, the world is literally your oyster as your property is seen globally, and communication with would be customers is quick on your smartphone. 

All payment and bookings are hassles free as they are through the app. You can make a tidy sum by having local and international tourist staying at your home. 

3. Drop shipping


Thanks to technology, anyone can open an e-commerce website today in a matter of minutes and at a little cost. With your online shop, you can go ahead to display and sell merchandise from your favorite brands.  

You do not need a physical inventory, nor do you need capital for inventory. Drop shipping allows you to sell products from companies and pay them once good are sold. You make a profit by keeping the mark up that you have placed on products. 


Making money online is for everyone, provided you discover what online enterprise can work for you. Are you on exploring how you can make some extra cash online? Click here to learn how to make money online