Securing a stable job and getting monthly income has never been more challenging and stressful with the advent of COVID-19 pandemic. The year 2024 is filled with unfortunate events, and the latter is the biggest obstacle which the world hasn’t overcome yet

With health safety restrictions in place, there are limited activities you can do outside of your home, and even most industries are not functioning at 100%. If you find yourself in a dire financial situation, you can save more money by using coupon sites like Coupon Lawn or earn additional income by using your phone or laptop and a decent internet connection.

1. Answer online surveys


One of the most common ways to earn money online is to answer surveys. There are lots of sites where you can sign up and have access to their pool of surveys. In these platforms, you should provide your personal information and other details required to qualify for surveys. A questionnaire usually takes up to 5 minutes or more.

While answering surveys can give you a decent amount of money, you should take note that their availability depends on the number of companies requesting surveys and your provided details. Make sure that you should be honest while providing information about yourself and while answering the surveys.

2. Be an affiliate marketer

Do you love marketing and sales? Or do you have good skills in selling? Having a stint as an affiliate marketer might be the perfect opportunity for you. As its basic definition, an affiliate marketer promotes someone’s products or services and earns commission for every sale they make. This is a great opportunity for anyone looking for a way to earn passive income.

Amazon and other brands have an affiliate marketing program which you can sign up for anytime.

3. Try freelance writing


Putting your writing skills into good use while racking up some money doesn’t sound bad. Being a freelance writer is also one of the common sources of income online. You can create your own blog, and once you get traffic to your site, you can earn money from it. You can opt to apply on content milling sites or freelance platforms like Upwork to get clients who need writing services.

4. Set up an online course

Now that everyone is stuck at home, most people are searching for activities to be productive despite this difficult situation. Some individuals are investing in personal growth and enrolling themselves in different online courses. If you have any skills to share, you might want to create one yourself! You can teach other people and share with them your knowledge about a particular topic. It can be anything that you are passionate about!

5. Be an online seller


To limit face-to-face interactions and as most people are afraid to go outside, online shopping has a huge spike in popularity. You can take advantage of this by selling items on ecommerce platforms or social media. You can do live selling or simply posting your items on your chosen platform. It can be old stuff that you don’t need anymore, food, or anything you can think of.

6. Provide virtual assistance services

You’ve probably heard about virtual assistants. They perform a wide range of tasks for their clients, including writing, scheduling, graphic designing, and many more. A virtual assistant has more than one skill to offer. If you think this job is for you, you can try looking for opportunities in freelancing sites. You can also reach out to businesses directly or online and ask if they need virtual assistants to help them out.

7. Apply for jobs related to COVID-19


Some jobs are unneeded as social activities are restricted. Nonetheless, the COVID-19 pandemic has opened new job opportunities, especially in the virtual world. Some businesses are hiring freelancers to do signages, bulletin boards, writeups, and other stuff that would be helpful in reminding people to stay safe and protect themselves.

Nowadays, contract tracers are great in demand. You can take advantage of this opportunity. You may also look on social media and freelancing platforms for other virtual jobs available.

8. Be an online English teacher

One of the most popular online hustle nowadays is to be an English teacher. Some companies require a certification or at least a prior experience working with kids. The job can be challenging as you deal with children, but the position is flexible and brings a decent amount of money into the table.

There are lots online companies now that are looking for English teachers. You just have to find the perfect platform for you and be ready to send an application.

9. Work in the food delivery industry


With the health security measures prohibiting most people to go outside, most of them rely on food delivery services to get meals they want instead of going to malls or shops. You can take advantage of the demand for positions in the field of food delivery to earn more money.  You may check out available vacancies with third-party apps or go to nearest shops to see if they have opportunities for you.

10. Provide mobile services

Do you cut hair, do makeup, or groom dogs? Or do you have other skills which you can use to help people? You can make money with these skills! Now that people are still scared to get out of their homes, you can go to their place to provide their much-needed services. You can search online for a platform where you can reach out to other people near you or rely on word of mouth.

11. Try pet sitting


Some people would step out of their home for work or other responsibilities, but they are worried about leaving their four-legged friend alone inside their home. If you love animals and want to earn extra cash, you try to do pet sitting. You can ask your neighborhood who have pets if they need such services or try to reach out to anyone around your town if someone needs to take care of their furry friends.