Time travels fast but it changes gears during college. For some, it flies while the others experience it like watching a snail cross a road. Some have a great time while others find a tower of books surrounding them at all time. Then there are those who love sports and can’t wait to join the practice sessions. The energy is high, the time is right, and the opportunities are abundant. It seems like everything is possible.

These situations vary with every person. The only thing that remains constant is the need for cash. No matter who you are or how you spend your time at college, you will need cash. You want to hang out with friends, go on a spring break or plan a summer vacation.  You have so many things to do with a limited supply. The time you can manage but studies with work? That is a tricky situation. 

We have compiled a small list of ways that can you with your cash supply. Read away and earn a quick buck or two. 

1. Sell your notes


This is the best one on the list. It encourages you to study and get great grades. In addition, it may give you a good monetary return. All you have to do is work hard and have a big heart. Letting go of your hard work and secret to great grades is not easy. On the bright side, it gets you a little extra cash on the side. This is a gig that you gets you everything thing you need. Grades, cash, and popularity!

Websites like Nexus Notes don’t charge you to get started. All you have to do is list your notes and once a sale happens, they charge you a nominal fee. What for? They too are offering a service and they have marketing costs too. Sharing is caring!

2. Sell your old course books


This is a difficult one in all honesty. It’s not that no one would want to buy your books. It’s not that making footnotes will be a difficult task. You can use a notebook for that. That should give an opportunity to make extensive handwritten notes. They do come in handy when you’re preparing for your finals. 

Let’s be honest, once you’re done with a semester or a course, you will not need its course book. If you have kept it in a good condition, you should be able to sell it on Amazon Marketplace. 

3. Become a Domain Dealer


If you are an IT student you already know what a domain is. If you’re not, read on and you shall know. Domain name is like a website address or simply a website name.

Domain names start from as little as $0.99. The easiest way to get one would be from They may be cheap to buy but when it time to sell, it really is your choice. Better yet, your luck, ability, and negotiating skill. You buy it under a dollar but can sell it for thousands and on rare occasions, for millions of dollars.

The key is to get creative and think of any names that may get big brands attention. When they come looking for it, that’s the time you have been waiting for. Make sure you grab it and reap the rewards!

4. Freelancing


Freelancing and digital assistants are trending. There is a good chance that you a hobby which can turn in to a gig that can pay you. Graphic designing, managing social media pages and accounts is the beginning. You can be a good writer, great at programming, and maybe developing websites. These are a few things that can get you to work online. 

Freelancing is interesting as it provides you an opportunity to work with local clients and around the globe. All you need is a computer, a reliable internet connection like, and a skill. If you don’t have one, developing one will surely be of help. and are the most famous freelancing website that you can turn to. Make your profile and start searching for the perfect project that suits your routine and pays you well. You are all set to earn a quick buck!

5. Paid Surveys


This one sounds a little bland but at the end of the day, it pays you. That too without consuming a lot of your time. All you have to do is visit a website like pay you for completing surveys. This quick buck earner does not require attention and pays you between $0.50 and $1.25 per survey. 5 minutes for $0.5. Say you sit and fill surveys for an hour, that’s 60 divided by 5 which equals $12 dollars an hour. That is what you get based on the minimum amount that you can get for a survey. There surely will be ones that pay better and take less time. You can easily climb up to $15 may be who knows $20 an hour. That too without using your capabilities. A little time and attention are all it takes here.


Studying is not easy anymore. Course work keeps getting harder and with the increasing demand for money, it gets harder to do everything that you want. A small gig on the side gets you an opportunity to earn a quick buck to fulfill your desires and needs. This gig needs to be simple, less time consuming or something that aids your studies. This list gets a mix of all that with a chance to make a quick buck without affecting your grades.