The perfect time for selling your Ipad is just before Apple announces a new model, and you should sell your old model and help yourself buy a new one. Usually, new models of iPad are released and went on sale every year in spring. Sometimes new models are released before the holidays, at the end of the year. If you are planning to sell your old model of iPad just keep your ear out for the rumors about Apple launching new an iPad. 

According to, you will easily sell your iPad for the right price with just a few selling tips.

Sooner you sell your iPad you will get a better price, but there are few selling tips you should do before you sell your iPad. 

  • Back up your iPad

This is the first thing to do before selling, you need to up-to-date backup everything on your iPad, and make your data safe and secure. When you buy a new one you will easily restore it. For that purpose, use iCloud a make a backup overnight, or you can do a manual backup, you can choose. You will have a few easy steps to do that; you must be connected to Wi-Fi, plug your iPad into a power source, launch the Settings app on your iPad, then tap your iCloud banner and tap This iPad, after that tap iCloud Backup, and tap Back Up Now.

  • Back up your iTunes

If you are a user od iTunes, you must make a manual update to make sure all your data is backed up. First of all, plug your iPad into your Mac or Windows PC, launch iTunes, then click on the iPad icon, and click on Back Up Now, if you want to be extra secure click on encrypt backup and add a password, and back up Apps. 

  • Erase your personal data

First thing you need to do when you backed up your data is to wipe all your personal data from your iPad, personal photos, files, messages, and others. The new owner does not need your personal data. You need to launch the setting app from the Home screen, then tap on General, then tap on Reset at the bottom, after then click on Erase All Content and Settings, enter your Passcode, and then tap on Erase to confirm. For the turning off Activate Lock, you will need your Apple ID password. Also, you must remove the device from Find my iPad.

  • Clean up the casing

In the process of cleaning you should not forget about removing the dirt, it just takes a few minutes to wipe down, and clean it from dust, grime, oil, lint, and fingerprints. You use a little bit of isopropyl alcohol for cleaning, and the result will be stunning. Who wants to buy a dirty iPad?

  • Collect up the cables and cases

When you selling your iPad make sure you sell the Lightning or 30-pin Dock cable, and AC Adapter together with the device, and put everything in the original box if you have it.