Nobody would have ever expected this to be a thing a couple of decades ago. But now that we are here, Let’s take money. And let’s talk Video Games!

A while back, Video games only cost Money to buy. Nobody intended to make a career out of it. And that was the norm back then. Well, the norms have finally changed. Today we can see folks out there garnering not just following and appreciation but some good cash as well.

So yes. Video Games can be an opportunity worth being monetized! And we are here to discuss how? You can also go through Lfcarry, they can help you to earn money by playing game.

So without any further delay, let’s get gaming!

1. Youtube


In 2024, the greatest creators in the world in Youtube belong to the Gaming Industry. Creators like Mr. Beast, Pokimane and even Pewdiepie, who is the highest individually subscribed creator in the world, have made their way via Youtube.

It is simple, lucrative and easy to process. Gamers of all numbers and followings swear by the fact that there is enough scope in the YouTube Gaming industry to be a monetizing platform.

Even in India, a lot of creators have started monetizing their YouTube gaming streams and earning via views, sponsorships and joining fees. They even earn through options like shoutouts and Super chats, making this an incredibly lucrative platform to be on.

2. Twitch

It has been rightly said by people all over the creator and gaming industry that Twitch is the next big thing. Twitch streams are a blessing to creators worldwide and have been playing a boon in amping up gaming revenues.

3. Mistplay


It is a mobile application available on android that is a lucrative way of monetizing your Gaming skills. The app focuses on supplying the users with a platform where they can participate in games for prizes.

Through its point-based system, users can chime in on in-app games to receive gift cards to various retailers such as Amazon, Google Play Store and even virtual Visa gift cards. With Mistplay, one can even receive compensation from the minute a player starts playing.

Players can even play with friends and level up their avatars to unlock achievements and earn units.

They also support user communications and offer a chat feature, encouraging connections amongst participants. Another important note is that users will not pay any fees to download, join, or play games in Mistplay.

4. Gameplay Tutorials

In this day and age, we can see a lot of gamers actually giving away their skill sets to interested candidates via gameplay tutorials. This is a practical stream of income that has quite recently boomed in the last few months with celebrity-endorsed campaigns for gamers all over the country. So if you believe that you are that good at what you do, then share it with the world, and the world would not mind paying you.

5. Competitions and Championships


While this is among the lesser of the consistent mediums, gaming tournaments offer good cash prizes to their winners. Whether it is the smaller scaled games like BGMI or COD in Indian circles or the Higher level Fortnite or League of Legends contests, These tournaments offer slick Money to the folks who win them. This not only presents opportunities to monetize but also to create networks amongst folks in the gaming community.

Other Sources of Monetization for Video Game Players

Now that we have discussed the five places on how we can earn money by playing video games, let’s take into consideration the aspects of gaming monetization that we need to be aware of.



After getting a considerable following on your streams, the next step is to apply for sponsorships. Brands look for active gamers with an interactive and loyal viewer base, and hence you need to show them that you have what they are asking for.

Take some time and professional guidance while preparing your proposals. Have a point of contact for people who wish to approach you and always keep a baseline value for sponsorships. Always get your contracts verified by reliable people.

Viewership and Audience

While it is true that gamers do become lucrative creators, a lot of people actually care about seeing things other than the games that you play. Interact with them, create a virtual personality, be eccentric, often react and make them feel like they are a part of the game.

That makes them feel like a part of the stream and way more invested than they had any intention of being. That is how a lot of Indian creators have grown. Some people would pay to watch gamers on a horror game. And that is a fact.

So always understand that you have to offer the viewers what they ask for. The games are the same for everyone cause they all play those same games. What makes a difference are the gamers themselves.



This is the other name for shoutout fees or Super chats. This is also a very lucrative way for gamers to monetize their streaming. Always keep your affiliated payment portals with you at all times.

  1. Paypal is a must.
  2. Paypal and Venmo for International audiences
  3. Upis and Paytm ids for Indian audiences.
  4. Amazon Affiliate links

These aspects are as important as setting up viewership bases.


Video game merchandise is the jam of today. It takes everything great about video games and makes a person wear them. It is profitable when made in bulk. There needs to be a proper supply chain system for merchandising practices. While this is profitable, it is also a bit hectic as it involves physical aspects of payments, delivery systems, warehousing etc.

Another great aspect of it is that video games do not have the level of copyright protection as other forms of entertainment do, hence making it a more approachable medium.


Now that we have a basic idea of how to make money via video games, what is the waiting for? Go ahead, game your heart out and let that cash flow in. But always focus on sustainable finance practices for your ventures.