You might have heard the term Airbnb. This is a trend that’s sweeping not only the nation but the entire world. There’s a good reason so many people have joined in with both feet. Airbnb is one industry that’s not only doing well.

It’s also growing and expanding by leaps and bounds in much of the globe. If you are searching for your own little corner of the planet where you can grab a piece of the action, Scottsdale, Arizona makes the perfect haven.

There are many reasons why this is the ideal place to begin your own personal venture into a marvelously lucrative main income or side job. It’s the place to make your own right now.

Scottsdale is governed by those who know and appreciate the value of a business-friendly climate. They keep taxes low making it even easier to earn a profit from this form of income. That includes state income and property taxes.

Unlike some other locations, this one is happy to make it easy to offer housing for yourself and any number of guests. It’s also a fantastic place to live or visit with a convenient location in the heart of the west that draws in tourists from all over the region. With fabulous weather and the right business plan, this is the place for your next totally successful financial adventure.

Business Friendly Location


Over four million people make their homes in Maricopa County. That makes it one of the largest counties in the entire United States. This is where much of the population of Arizona lives including residents of Scottsdale. It’s also a remarkably business-friendly area. Unlike many other municipalities that are cracking down on the Airbnb idea or even banning it entirely, officials here want people to open up new business ventures.

They love the idea of entrepreneurs starting a brand new company right from the comfort of their own homes. This is why officials here have been very welcoming to those who have begun an Airbnb. They want them to create jobs, income and happy people.

Reasonable Rules

The regional government has made some rules governing the kind of accommodations people can provide in Scottsdale. The government may be thinking about putting in a few more laws in the future. However, these are rational and reasonable rules. Unlike some other places, rules mean that the owner can’t bring fifteen people in a three-bedroom home. These are rules that make sense.

They are designed to keep the owner and renter safe in the event of an emergency. The district does not seek to impose harsh regulations on those who have made this profession their own.

Beautiful Place to Live


Another advantage of choosing this part of the country is that it is simply a beautiful place to live. Situated in the charming Salt River Valley, the city of Scottsdale is where people go when they want to enjoy nature and spend lots of time in the open air. Places like the Tonto National Forest are an endless array of incredible colors that change all day long. This is a wonderful area to visit any day of the year.

The outdoors here in Scottsdale are an ideal place for all those who love nature and want to spend many hours understanding it better. Nature lovers find Scottsdale a paradise for all the senses at every single turn. Head outside at night and watch as millions of stars show up to fill the sky. The sky is clear and cool.

So Many Things to Do

When not relaxing in a local pool, people flock to this part of the United States because there is so much to do all over the community. Galleries and museums dot the landscape as much as the sky and the cactus. Events like the Scottsdale Arabian Horse show have been a part of the regional culture for decades.

Those who open an Airbnb around town will find many people happy to come to their personal spaces. They’ll also find Old Town Scottsdale an ideal place. This is the center of the action where the many aspects of Scottsdale’s life all converge for a truly terrific time.

Great Property Taxes

Some municipalities make it hard to buy property because they put very heavy taxes on it. This can defer people from buying any home because the costs are so high. Scottsdale is one part of the country where low taxes are a priority and kept that way.

This means that any investor doesn’t have to worry about paying too much in taxes. The community understands that person’s needs to earn a good living.

They want residents to use that money in useful ways like putting it back into improving the property. Property taxes are likely to continue to remain low in the future as business and government leaders make this a nationwide priority.

Convenient Location


Lying in the eastern part of the state of Arizona, Scottsdale is one place that makes it easy to get around. It’s considered part of the larger Phoenix area. As such, it is a major stopping point for many people on their way to somewhere else.

This means that any investor will find many ready customers happy to spend the night or even a bit longer. People stop here on their way to places like Los Angeles, Austin and Los Vegas. It’s a good midpoint between other parts of the country.

The same is true not only for travelers but also those who are here on business. A business person on their way to a conference somewhere else is likely to find a large, well set out Airbnb a far better choice than a boring, cramped and bland hotel room.

Wonderful Weather

The weather in this part of the world has long been a draw. Abundant sunshine is the order of the day, the week and the entire year. People love the temperate climate. There’s no snow or ice to wipe off the car and front yard. This is the place people think about when they think about warm weather. They’ll come to your door all year long for that sun.

Lots of Visitors

Lots of people come here. They want to show their families the glories of the American West. They want to get away from harsh Chicago winds. They want a place where they can go swimming even in the middle of the winter.

When you give them a place to stay, you’re giving them the chance to be part of this welcoming community and have fun. Any Airbnb owner can count on a steady stream of tourists every month.

Totally Affordable Housing

One of the obstacles to starting an Airbnb venture is the fact that housing is very expensive.

Not so in the city of Scottsdale. Unlike some other places where merely buying a house means thousands in monthly mortgage costs, real estate in Scottsdale is some of the most affordable in the country. This makes it easy to buy property, and if you are in the market lookup The Kay-Grant Group, they are a realtor firm that specializes in Airbnb rentals.

In many instances, all it takes is a small down payment. A person can also take out a home improvement loan to put in an extra room or expand an existing structure on their property for this purpose. Doing so allows them to easily recoup their investments with plenty of willing customers. These are just some of the reasons why so many people have joined the Scottsdale Airbnb community.