Students studying whether in a school or college are required to pay hefty tuition fees. The life of a student can be equal parts overwhelming and exciting. It can, however, be especially challenging to manage other expenses while shelling out so much on education. A lot of students suffer from the feeling of guilt when they are not financially independent, more so when they can’t even pay their bills.

Moreover, finding a suitable part-time job can be tough. It can be a matter of worry to look for jobs that cater to the requirements of students with no prior experience. Additionally, many of these jobs are low-paying and require students to work without any flexibility.

Today, there are a variety of options for students to earn money alongside going to school. These jobs do not need students to make any huge investment or prior experience for that matter. Also, these part-time jobs are self-paced and very flexible. Here are some best ways in which students can earn money online hassle-free.



Digital world has opened up a plethora of opportunities for anyone looking to do part-time jobs. You just need to know the basics and you can try your hands at anything and everything. Freelancing is one of the effective ways of earning money online. One can choose from a diverse range of options such as content writing, designing, SEO writing, business analyst, marketing, and coding among others.

There are a number of applications and websites that assist in boosting your freelancing career. Upwork and Fiverr are some of the top choices across the world, used by freelancers to earn money easily.

Additionally, research writing has a lot of scopes as research papers help students, for example GrabMyEssay helps with writing assignments and in order to expand their knowledge on any topic they desire to learn about. As a result of which, research writing is a much sought-after field by freelancers.

All one needs to do is download any of these apps and register themselves. You can then choose your desired area of work. Next, you can start promoting your work to potential clients. Your income depends on the kind of work you take up and how much you do.

Online tutoring


One of the other ways to earn money online is by online tutoring. Students know a lot of tricks and tips to make any concept easy to understand. They can put this knowledge to use by teaching other kids online. You just need access to the internet and you can teach as many kids as you want at once. For example: say you’re a native English speaker. With these online TEFL courses at The TEFL Academy, you can pick up all the skills needed to begin helping plug the gap for demand for English tutors.

It is also a well rewarding part-time job. These days you can take the help of apps like Udemy, Chegg and Coursera, etc to find your target student base and get started with tutoring. Online tutoring doesn’t require any sort of investment, it just requires you to have a basic idea of teaching.

Testing apps and websites


Beta testing apps and websites can also be a good way for students to earn money. There are new apps and websites coming up every now and then and companies need customers to test out these applications before officially rolling out for the general public.

  • This process is called beta testing, wherein some people use a newly designed app and test for bugs or glitches.
  • Customers are required to report their overall experience, including any encounter with errors in the app.
  • A student or anyone interested in beta testing needs to have an up-to-date operating system on mobile or PC.
  • There are many websites available online that interested users can check out for beta testing like Tester work and TryMyUI among others.

Start a Youtube channel


Social media is a great way to reach a massive audience. Today a lot of people are earning a good sum of money on these social media apps. One such app is Youtube. It needs no introduction for how massively it is used worldwide. It is not only a huge source of entertainment but it also serves as a great medium for earning money online.

If you’re a student and looking for a flexible way of making some extra bucks online, Youtube is the place to be. You can create a channel on youtube and start posting engaging videos. You can post about anything that you like and think has the potential to attract a crowd.

From cooking videos to educational videos to fashion videos or just stand-up comedy, there are a lot of options one can choose from. Moreover, business online courses are much in demand nowadays. Therefore, one who takes interest in the business industry can use this opportunity and make the most of it.



The easiest way to earn money online is to start your online blog. It is as simple as it gets. You can start to pen down your thoughts about anything that excites you. Popular blogging sites like WordPress, Blogger, and Weebly can help you kickstart your blogging career. Furthermore, you can learn SEO writing and boost the reach of your blogs for maximum engagement. This way you can get more ads on your blog and make money off of it.


Being financially independent is what every student desires. And there is no better way than doing a part-time job that easily pays your bills and even leaves you with enough money to save up for future requirements. However, it is not as easy to find a suitable part-time job as it seems. Some of the jobs can be really demanding and overwhelming and the worst part is they offer meager pay.

The above mentioned are the best ways in which students can earn money online without having to go through the nightmare of settling for less desirable offers. Technology has made it easier than ever for students to get customized working experiences. They can work as much as they want to, anytime and anywhere at their convenience.