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Instagram is probably the most popular social media platform for this decade. It started out as an extremely innovative app where users could exchange pictures with each other. It has now become a global powerhouse that has grown into a way for businesses and organizations to connect with their target audiences.

Additionally, Instagram has also become a new source of income for content creators like artists, musicians, etc. The sheer scale of this income can be seen by the prices reported in Hopper HQ’s Instagram Rich List.

Social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook have completely revolutionized the world of marketing. Businesses can carve a niche in their market and reach their target audience simply by having an active presence on these social media platforms. A robust social media marketing strategy is also an excellent way to build brand loyalty and it allows you to relate to your prospective customers. As a social media manager, you need to curate the perfect image of your brand and also maintain an active presence on the platform. To do this, you can actually use an Instagram scheduling tool, we recommend Hopper HQ. Here are some of the advantages of using such a tool.

1. It saves time and allows you to be more efficient

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This is possibly the biggest advantage of using a scheduling tool to schedule your daily posts. By scheduling a whole set of related posts in advance, you do not need to take time out of your busy schedule every day to make each post individually. Another way scheduling makes your life easier is by posting the content at a time when your audience is active. That way, you can be assured that your content is reaching your audience and making a mark on them. That way, your business account can still keep posting at the correct time without you having to face disruption during some other important task.

2. It also allows your profile to be more consistent

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Your organization’s or business’ Instagram account is a very important extension of your brand. So, the most important thing that you need to do is to maintain a consistent account. Using an Instagram scheduling tool, you can keep up a regular set of well-chosen posts so that your audience can identify with your brand. Apart from a consistent posting schedule, your account should also maintain consistency when it comes to the design and look of your posts.

For example, you should use a similar color palette, filters, designs, etc. By scheduling a set of your posts in one go, you can ensure that your posts are consistent and posted in the right order. This will relay a better and more refined essence of your brand image as well.

3. It will also enable you to come up with better captions

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One of the basic tenets of posting relatable content on Instagram is that you should always include a witty/fun caption and give loads of hashtags. It is kind of difficult to think of an appropriate caption on the spot while you make each post individually. However, if you use the best scheduling tool, you can prepare a whole set of posts each with its own specialized caption.

You can also choose to include the appropriate emojis and hashtags while you are preparing a fresh batch of Instagram posts. This is a very clever and efficient step you can take to ensure that you can save time and also make good-quality Instagram posts at the same time.

4. Scheduling posts will automatically give you better engagement

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One of the main advantages of scheduling your posts beforehand is that it will automatically give you more engagement. The trick is to stay on top of Instagram’s algorithm to make sure that more and more people notice your brand. Using a scheduler, you can prepare a whole batch of posts at once. This makes it easier for you to make posts more frequently and thus, increases your profile’s engagement as well. It will automatically lead to more brand exposure as more and more people start to interact (like comment and share) with your posts.

5. Instagram stories are just (if not more) as important as Instagram posts

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The story feature of Instagram is one of the most powerful tools in the hands of marketers. Stories are an awesome way to keep your profile active and it is also an amazing way to engage with your prospective customers. Introduction and implementation of fun features like quizzes, votes, Q&A, etc. have made Instagram a really interactive and fun platform.

Using these tools, you can actually reach out to your audience directly and help them to identify with your brand. You can start using a scheduling tool to schedule your stories as well as your posts in advance. This will save you a ton of time and extra effort. Also, it will allow your profile to enjoy higher engagement and views as well.

6. Manage your hashtags properly by scheduling your posts:

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If you schedule your posts and stories beforehand, then you can actually spend time and include the most appropriate and popular hashtags. Exploiting the hashtags is the best way to create quality content that will reach a higher number of people and will also be liked/shared/commented on by a large number of people. You can use the best and most popular scheduling tool to look for the perfect hashtags that will automatically increase your posts’ reach and engagement.

Thus, it is apparent that an Instagram scheduling tool can help you to design and implement a robust and powerful social media marketing strategy by preparing a bunch of posts, stories, and captions in advance. Not only can you implement a compact and consistent strategy, but you can also have the additional benefits of saving a lot of time as well. If you want to check out an amazing tool that can help you grow and market your brand, then you should check out Hopper HQ.

You can also directly provide your goods/services on sale using Instagram’s shopping options as well. Instagram is rapidly evolving as a platform and if you take advantage of it, you can enjoy the manifold values and benefits it would offer to your business.