As we all know social media is a must nowadays. In fact, more and more businesses are utilizing it as one aspect of their marketing strategy. However, if you are not yet persuaded and your business has not started utilizing social media, here are X convincing reasons why you should be using it by now.

Reasons to Use Social Media

  • It will let you get real insights from customers

Real insights from customers can actually drive the progress of a social media campaign as well as shape planned verdicts, aiding you to make your service or product offerings and website content more relevant and attractive to your clients.

Social media, on the other hand, makes it easier and quicker for a business to get feedback from clients that’ll offer you a better idea of brand sentiment as well as help you determine common pain facts you could address.

  • Social Media Will Increase Trust in Your Brand and Business

Often customers are overwhelmed with so many options to choose from and want a simple method to verify a business which they’re dealing with for the very first time.

Furthermore, seeing that you’re active on various social media platform will help in filling your potential clients with trust since it is a good indication that you care about them and they can contact you easily.

  • Increased Sales

A strong and good social media strategy may require a huge investment, but like any marketing campaign, the return on investment (ROI) is what needs to be deliberated. A good strategy will have positive effects on your sales since it will increase your business’s overall exposure, expose your service and product to wider audiences, and get everyone talking about your service and business.

At the end of the day, the main objective is to transform users into sales/customer. On the other hand, if you interact with your clients and you a connection of trust, this will demonstrate an interest in your clients as well as experiences, and converts for sales.

  • Economical

When matched with other marketing tools, social media is more inexpensive. In the actual fact, most of platforms can be used for free. By simply devoting some of your time working on your own social media presence you will be able to notice countless benefits of improved sales and exposure as well as develop a good relationship with your clients.

  • It’s a great way to promote content

Content marketing is very important not just in terms of search engine optimization (SEO), but to entice new customers as well. By shouting out your news posts and blog articles on social media you will be able to increase their awareness.

When utilized together with quality content making, it will attract new customers effectively. What’s more, it’ll help you in building ability in your expertise.


As you can see there’s a number of good reasons why you should be using social media. Nevertheless, if you want to make the most out of your social media you must have a good number of followings. But if it’s too small no worries because Famoid can help you with that.