As a marketer or entrepreneur, you have a lot to handle, and sometimes, you may feel like you are downing and that you do not have enough time to get things done. You also understand how crucial social media is when it comes to marketing, and this is where planning comes in. Knowing the right timing to post is essential if you wish to maintain your presence on various online platforms. This way, you can ensure all your content is posted on time and are consistent across multiple websites and platforms.

Spending a few hours of your time scheduling your Instagram posts can save you a lot in the long-run and helps you avoid any irregularities. Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms, and it is up to you to take advantage of this to ensure that your brand reaches as many people as possible.

Luckily, you can easily schedule your Instagram posts according to, and you will find all the information on how to do so. If you are yet to include Instagram scheduling in your to-do list, here are the top reasons why you should do it now.

Save your time


The first and main reason why scheduling Instagram posts is recommended is that it helps you save a lot of time. The best part is that you do not necessarily have to do the scheduling during work hours.

It is easy and will only take you a few minutes of your free time to schedule a bunch of Instagram posts in advance. With this, you will not have to carve out time every time you want a post to go up. It is more convenient if you schedule a bunch of posts at once rather than creating time every day to post.

However, for this approach to work, you should have enough material to work with. After all, scheduling your content would be a waste if you lack good photos or videos to post. And as such, consider preparing (and even editing) your materials ahead, so the only work left to do is to upload them.

Other than the convenience, scheduling Instagram posts means that you do not have to worry about availability when your target audience is online. You can be off the whole day, and whatever you wanted to reach your followers will still do on time. If you wish to gather data from your target audience and learn more about Instagram users’ behaviors, you can use platforms like EarthWeb. These types of applications may help you determine the best time to post and aid your content strategy.

Once you have a schedule that works for you and your followers, you’re all set. You do not have to set reminders to publish the posts. This means that you can focus on doing other tasks, and everything will go on just fine for your business.


The other way in which scheduling Instagram posts reduces irregularity is through enhanced consistency. People will only take you seriously if you are consistent with your posts. Interest buyers are always on your page, checking out if there is something new that should not miss about your brand. And as such, posting content irregularly or even having an inconsistent theme for your account, you could be at risk of losing the interest of your followers.

It can be frustrating if they find a dormant profile. Also, they will not take you seriously if they realize that sometimes, you take a week without posting, and some days you put a bunch of posts all on one day. Remember that your Instagram profile is like an extended presentation of your brand.

Your photos should be consistent in terms of filter, captions, and color palette. Scheduling ensures that you take your time to see everything is perfect before posting.

Get more views and engagement


Scheduling Instagram posts enhance frequency and also makes it easier for you to make several posts at once. Posting regularly encourages engagement, thus increasing brand exposure. If you post frequently, your account has better chances of appearing on more people’s feeds. Furthermore, it’ll help boost your visibility on the platform and stay relevant among your competitors.

This is a chance for your Instagram followers to comment and give their opinions about your brand. This will not only help you earn more followers but also, you will understand their expectations better.

Be more organized

Scheduling your Instagram posts in advance helps you get more organized since you get the time to put some forethought into your feed. Using different analytics, you can strategize and perfect on what your audience responds to, then plan accordingly. It becomes much more comfortable with formulating draft posts and keeping things organized. It also leaves room for changes, especially when you want to take advantage of popular trends on the platform.

Create better captions


One of the most challenging tasks when posting on social media is coming up with captions for your photos. Everyone wants to do something exciting, but it can be quite hard to think of it in an instant. Captions can attract or lose new followers. And so, it’s essential that your posts have engaging and relatable captions.

This can hurt your captions significantly when they could be the key to adding value to your Instagram posts. By scheduling your Instagram posts, you get to develop better captions for your photos since you have all the time to think of something clever. It will, therefore, help you to come up with captions for your other posts.

Step away from social media

We spend so much time on the phone and specifically social media, and it can be draining. It’s worth noting that taking a break from social media can be quite refreshing. Stepping away not only allows you to focus on other things but also gives you the time to come back to it with a new perspective.

Being able to step away from social media without losing your online presence can do wonders for your peace of mind. No matter where you are, whether with family or on other duties, you can spend your time without worrying about your Instagram being stagnant.

The ability to schedule ahead and step away contributes immensely to productivity since it’s quite easy to get sucked into the social media black hole. We all know that when you start scrolling, you barely notice time passing by. You end up wasting a lot of time that you could have used doing something more substantial.

Create balance


The best thing about scheduling your Instagram posts is that you get to see your overall campaign better. You get to analyze your posts and determine where you should make improvements. Scheduling your posts allows you to notice if you have too many of the same type of photo back to back.

You get to see your different posts and determine if you should make any changes. The importance of creating balance on social media cannot be understated. The last thing you want is having too many dark photos or light ones for that matter. You might want to keep the same type of filter but try varying the contrast of the picture. This not only helps in creating consistency but also keeping your content fresh.

While there is a range of reasons to schedule Instagram posts for your business, these are the top benefits and how it will help improve your brand. It’s time to gain more control of your campaign by increasing a better perception and making the necessary changes to improve it before launching a particular post. So all the best!

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