A meaningful and viable presence on social media is an absolute must for any business concern. Billions of people use their social media accounts daily. It is a burgeoning market, and it is too huge to be left unattended. Every business is trying to tap on this lucrative base of potential customers and make the most of it. Let us guide you on how you can effectively take your share of the pie.

What is social media strategy?


Simply put, a social media strategy is an action plan detailing how you can extract the maximum benefits out of your presence on social media. It divides this broad objective into small actionable goals and sets outs the methods for achieving them. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of this media strategy.  By the way, if you desire, you can always hire the services of any top digital marketing agency to devise a social media strategy for your business.

Determine your objective:

First and foremost, you have to define your wider purpose for joining social media. Why do you want to be on a social media platform? The answer should be in no uncertain words. Don’t say that you are there because everyone else is. Instead, be specific, like you want to increase traffic on your website, make engaging posts, generate sales leads, brand awareness, increase your social media following, increase revenue, etc. Your strategy should be in consonance with your overall objective.

Set SMART goals: SMART is an acronym that means specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound. All these words are self-explanatory, and we don’t think we have to explain much here.

Define your audience:

What is it exactly that you are offering to the public, and what will be your target audience? You should conduct thorough research of your audience and understand them well, like for example, their;

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Income level
  • Spending habits
  • Interests
  • Where are they mostly inhabited, urban or rural areas?
  • Educational level
  • How your products and services can enrich their lives etc.

The more in-depth your understanding is of your audience, the more successful your social media strategy will be.

Create audience persona:


By considering every aspect related to your audience and knowing them well, you create your customers’ persona. In it, identify your fans, followers, clients, etc.

Choose the right social media forum:

Any top digital agency would tell you how important it is to choose the right social media platform. We also understand this importance. Your research on your audience would help you decide which social media to choosing. Contrary to popular belief, it is not important to be on all the popular social media outlets. Instead, please choose the one that is mostly used by your audience and focus on its growth.

Set up a complete account:

As simple as it may sound, it is often done in a shabby manner, even by top businesses. You can take the services of a professional digital agency that can help you create a complete account. Do not miss out on any details. The pictures, colors, theme, DP, cover photo, etc., should be in harmony with your products or services. Provide your contact info and call to action buttons to provide an engaging experience to the user.

Hire a professional team:


Often to avoid incurring additional costs, companies give additional duties of managing their social media to existing staff. This often leads to less than ideal situations. The deputed manager cannot handle the quantum of workload in posts, captions, comments, and replies resulting in slow engagement of your posts on your account, which is bad. It’s better to hire dedicated staff for this job or outsource your social media handling to any good social media agency.

Social media metrics:

You can gauge any social media account’s apparent success by the number of its followers or likes it receives. But for a successful social media strategy, you need hard facts in solid figures. There are many different social media metrics that you can use for different social media outlets. It would help if you analyzed your social media presence through metrics like conversion rate, engagement, click-through impressions, etc., to know where you are headed.

Check your competition:

By keeping track of your competition, you will know how they are managing their social media. See what hashtags they are using, the focus keywords for your business, and how your competitor is using them. What is the level of their social media posts’ engagement etc.? Analyze its weaknesses and make them your strengths.

Create and share engaging content:


Your posts should be captivating, appealing, and informative. Understand the kind of content the viewers want to see and concentrate on that. Pictures, video, memes, text, whatever it is that garners their attention? You can find it out by researching your audience and using different analytics.

Make a social media calendar:

A social media calendar is basically the schedule of your social media account. How many posts will you make in a week? When will you post on your social media to gain maximum engagement? How much time will you give to social media daily to reply to messages and check comments? These and other such things constitute your social media calendar.

Review, re-evaluate, and readjust:

While implementing your social media strategy, periodically assess your performance. See how much you have achieved against your goals. What needs to be done to enhance your performance, and what is not working at all. Make changes, improve things, rectify mistakes; your policy is not a divine text. You can change it to reflect ground realities and correct mistakes.

Wrapping Up:


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