Increasing globalization means more competition in the market. Therefore, it is essential to make your company visible to the consumers. To achieve better recognition, it is vital to be present your brand on social media platforms. Most people use social media on their daily basis if not all.

It has become a routine to scroll through multiple social media apps for entertainment and leisure. Hence, it is a smart marketing strategy to advertise your business on various social media platforms to reach a greater audience. For your ease, here is the run-down of the current best social media platforms.



Facebook is one of the best social media platforms, which has around 2.27 billion active users of age groups ranging from 25-55+. It welcomes a vast range of businesses to create their page and start advertising. More than 65 million business owners have their page on Facebook and acquire customers through it.

Facebook is easy to start with because it offers multiple contents creating options such as videos, images, stories, text, and live videos.



YouTube is a video sharing social platform where billions of people who watch videos every day. It offers the opportunity to subscribe, share, like, and comment on the videos, which increases the reach of your brand. You can also use YouTube SEO to maximize the marketing benefits.

To get your brand advertised on YouTube, all you need to do is create a YouTube channel and upload relevant videos to market your products.



Instagram is another great social media platform for advertisement. It is a photo and video sharing platform where people also share stories, live videos, and IGTV for longer videos.

Instagram exclusively offers business and blogging profiles for your brand. It also gives you the insights and analytics of the reach of your profile and the option to promote it to pursue a broader audience.



WhatsApp is used by 1.5 billion active users across 180 countries to communicate with friends and family.

However, these days, people use WhatsApp for sharing updates, news, offers, regarding the brand and often use it to communicate with customers. WhatsApp now has WhatsApp Business app too for exclusively business profiles.

Facebook Messenger


It is immensely helpful if your business focus is lead generation. With over 1.3 monthly active users, it is a popular choice for businesses to advertise their products or services. It features allow users to send newsletters, communicates through chatbots, to engage and connect with their customers.



Owned by Google, the platform allows individuals to stay in touch with others by sharing videos, messages, photos, and useful links to different sites, among other features.

It is SEO optimized and also supports video conferencing through Hangouts and gives businesses a fantastic opportunity to market their products through Google+ business pages.

Social media is an amazing platform that is providing numerous businesses with the opportunity to connect to the whole world. You can use it for your business advantages and create an excellent outreach for your customers. Besides social media platforms, there are other online sources like Oberlo that is immensely helpful if you are in an E-commerce business like drop shipping.