Since its inception, Instagram has grown to a massive social media giant that continues to gobble up the competition and increase its presence non-stop. Given such popularity, it is no surprise that so many brands are looking to start a channel and make it grow as quickly as humanly possible.

All the fun starts when an account has a decent number of followers. Marketing on Instagram can be a real pain if you are not that familiar with everything. But there are ways to improve things, even if you are a complete greenhorn.

These tips below will be of great help to everyone who is looking to crack Instagram marketing and make themselves known on the platform. So be sure to read and apply them the next time you are logged in your Instagram profile.



One of the most recent features is the story mode. It does not seem like something worth your while at first glance, but once you start to delve deeper, you realize just how much you can do with it.

They are perfect for organizing contests, sharing exclusive content, and even creating a series of events that lead to a huge announcement. A story is up for only 24 hours and disappears after the time passes. If you want to learn more about them, check out this blog about Instagram stories.

Business Profile


As a rule of thumb, you should have your account set to a business version. It is quite. Just go to the settings and make the change if you haven’t done so already.

What are the benefits of doing that? Well, for starters, your followers will have an easier time getting in touch with you because your contact information becomes accessible with a single click, similar to what you see on websites.

Publishing and creating ads also becomes hassle-free as you do not need to rely on Facebook and its tools. Moreover, you gain access to the Insights tool of Instagram itself.

Free Tools

Speaking of tools, you should really make more use of them if you have not done so prior to reading this article. It helps a lot when you have a breakdown of your audience demographics and other relevant information.

The more you know about the users and their tendencies when interacting with published content, planning your next step becomes a lot easier.



People love to anticipate things. It is one of the oldest marketing techniques when you get them interested in something even if the product or service is not live yet. Pre-orders are pretty prominent in the video gaming industry, and people like to spend their money beforehand for a chance to get their beloved series a couple of days earlier.

The same methodology can be used when you are marketing on Instagram. And since the main focus on the platform is visuals, you can bet that people will be eager to pay attention if you promote products in an appealing light. Make an effort when taking pictures and ensure that the written part of the post is also appealing.

Sponsored Ads


Instagram makes its money by running sponsored ads. As the one in charge of it, you can control how much money is spent and make adjustments in real-time. If something is not working out, it is easy to pull the plug.

Plan your campaign and target a specific demographic for the most effective result. And the best part about such ads is the fact that they are going to reach even those individuals who are not following you.

Collaborate with Influencers

If you want to raise brand awareness and increase the number of followers, there is no better way to accomplish that than working together with an influencer.

Instagram has become the hub of influencers and you can find the biggest celebrities here. Of course, striking a deal with those will likely be impossible, but that should not be something to get upset about.

Plenty of micro-influencers are out there, and they can improve your standing by a hefty margin, even when they do not have millions of followers. Not to mention that it will be much cheaper.

A simple shoutout or a series of product or service promotions, together with a mention of your profile, are bound to drive more people to your channel if this promotion is coming from a reputable source.

Instagram is a huge social media platform, and everyone should start growing a channel there if they haven’t already. And even if you find yourself in a pinch, remember that everyone was in the same position. Use the tips above, and you make a name for yourself on Instagram, provided that you are consistent and are working hard towards your goals.