In the world of business, you do not have to make friends. But, it’s nice to be mindful. During the year many dates are perfect to show just how mindful you are. Christmas day and New Year’s Eve are just behind us, but they’ll be back next year.

You also have Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, Independence Day, your company’s birthday, or the day you started a great partnership.

All of these dates can be closely tied to your corporate life and mindfulness. There’s always an opportunity to honor your partners, employees, and clients.

But, it’s not only about desire and opportunity. It is also about pulling all the right moves. It’s about the idea. Corporate gift-giving doesn’t have to be hard for anyone.

All you need to do is to know what you’re doing and that you’re doing the right thing regarding the present selection. We know, it would appear that this isn’t the easiest task out there. It’s not, but worry not, help is on the way.

This article should do the trick for you regardless of the size of your enterprise. If you’re not eager for a long read you can always opt for Alcohol Gifts which hardly can be a miss regardless of your firm’s culture.

The one thing you need to keep in mind, as we already suggested, is to be mindful; of yourself and others. Because of this rule, we are first going to start by listing these four tips for mindful corporate gift-giving.

Once we’re done with that we are going to jump straight to even better six great gift ideas. So, bear with us for just a little bit longer. Let’s start with the tips.

give gift

Don’t Exclude Anyone

Just like in the Fight Club. Here’s rule number one. Unlike Fight Club we have more rules than just one. But this one is important. You’re either doing the corporate gift-giving the right way or you shouldn’t do it at all. So, the best way to do it the best way you can is not to avoid anyone.

If you’re gifting your partners, you need to give all of them, not just the big ones. If we’re talking about the employees you need to cover them all, not only the executives. If you’re handling clients, despite the massive number of them; include everyone.

You’ll be sending a bad picture of your corporation if you make a difference between people. When it comes to corporate gift-giving you need to understand that everyone is equally important. This is where the old saying that you should treat everyone with respect from a doorman to CEO should be remembered.

When it comes to mindful corporate gift-giving, customized wristbands can be a thoughtful and versatile option that promotes team unity and a sense of belonging

Invest Both Time and Money

time and money

Yes, everyone loves expensive gifts. But, they do not solve all of the issues. Gifting something expensive doesn’t always speak about mindfulness.

Instead, it could send the wrong message across the board. That is why we say that both money and time should be on the table. Money to buy items, but time to decide what’s the best possible gift. Take your time. Think about everyone. Consider your employees, clients, or partners’ desires, religion, needs, and of course their feelings. Sometimes a lady would love a bouquet of roses for more than $100.

A coupon for Zara would mean more to someone than $30. Buy perfumes instead of gifting an envelope. It is all about investing both time and money. If you want to do corporate gift-giving the right way, forget about saving money. Here we talk about saving face.

Avoid Handing Out Envelopes


Yes, we all love money. Yes, we all need money. Yes, we would love to receive an envelope full of money as a gift. But, this should be done only in the form of a working bonus. That’s one way of doing things. Praising someone through a money bonus is always the right thing to do.

But, if we’re talking about giving people gifts, money isn’t it? Not when it comes to corporate gift-giving. The gift needs to be real. Yes, it can be expensive. Yes, it can be thoughtful. But, it needs to be bought for money, not in the form of money. You can do this the right way, or not do it at all.

So, invest money, don’t give it away, of course, we are going to repeat, praise your workers, and hand the bonuses on desire. But, do not tie it to corporate gift-giving.

Make It Personal

corporative gift

This is one of the best ways to do everything the right way. Planning is everything. The best way to plan around a present is to know for whom it is intended.

So, get to know your employees, clients, or partner before you dedicate yourself to gift-giving. Make it personal. Don’t be shy about it. If you know that Mark from accounting loves the 49ers, give them pre-season tickets. Hand out jerseys for sports fans.

If you know that Fiona from the front desk loves nice things, a scarf from Tommy Hilfiger should be coming her way. Talk to your close ones, and see who knows what. Hit the target with as many people as you can.

Corporate gift-giving is all about making bonds. So, be careful about it and you won’t be making any mistakes. Trust us on this one, or else; we’re going to make it personal.

6 Great Gift Ideas

Now that you know how to do it, all that is left is to select the right gifts. Do not worry we are not planning on leaving you stranded.

In the few paragraphs below we are going to give you what we believe are the six great gift ideas that should close up the corporate gift-giving day. Let’s see what we have in mind.

1. Alcohol Gifts

Alcohol Gifts

We already pitched the idea in one of the paragraphs above. During the gift-giving season, everyone drinks. Of course, there are exceptions but you know the people around you.

It can be a true alcoholic beverage, or it can be even something with low levels of alcohol. Whiskey or champagne are always the right choices. You can use funny packages or you can handle this seriously.

Either way, there’s room for improvisation. What we know is that no one will say no to an alcohol-filled present.

2. Mugs

Mugs gifts

Sometimes it is best to keep things simple. This is what mugs are as a present. They’re simple but highly useful. The best part is that you can buy this gift even if you have a thousand employees. It is the best gift to keep your brand name close to your partner’s eyes.

Also, clients love it. It is a personalized gift that is easily accessible and has no heavy connotation. If you’re without ideas always go with the simplest one. Do not complicate matters if you’re not sure which direction to take.

3. Noise-Canceling Headphones

Noise-Canceling Headphones

Let’s get tech-savvy. Buying noise-canceling headphones is a great idea. Today, we all rely on computers. During the pandemic, millions of people worked from home. Headphones became one of the best-selling items in the world.

Zoom and Skype can no longer be imagined without proper ear equipment. You can take easy points with your employees if you opt to give them headphones. No meeting will ever again happen without them having you in mind or at least close to it.

4. Sweets

Sweets gift

You can say whatever you want about sugar, but we all love sweets. If you pick one of the quality kind no one is going to say no. Many people have children so this might be a gift for the entire family.

Even if you go through a sweets package on your own it doesn’t matter. This is a gift that is easy to enjoy. It also has a re-gift value. You can always forward it to someone who loves to eat sweets. One thing is sure, this gift will never be wasted.

5. Office Plants

Office Plants

No one likes a bland office. The best way to make it livelier is to have a plant inside. This is a gift that doesn’t need to go to each hand. You can buy plants for each office or a team separately.

There are great choices out there of plants that are easy to maintain but do wonders for your working surroundings. Many people claim that plants in the office increase productivity.

6. Seat Cushions

Seat Cushions

Well, isn’t this a great idea? Just imagine it. We spend countless hours sitting behind our desks. It takes a toll on our bodies. So, the best way to buy something practical and super useful but still mindful is to give your employees a seat cushion.

It is a great way to show everyone that you have their back. It is a great gift for building a team culture. Today, the industry is developed in this domain so you won’t have any issues finding the right cushion for everyone.

If you want to go all out, you can personalize each piece. This concludes our writing for today. We trust you have enough brilliant ideas or at least guidelines on what to do in the future on the corporate gift-giving day.