Social media has officially become the new arena for conducting business. Real estate marketing has also made the shift from traditional marketing strategies to social media channels for improved lead generation. Real estate agents have had to adapt to this change and had to pick up the skills needed for real estate social media marketing.

With more and more such online platforms coming up every day, it is not a wonder that often a real estate agent is left a little confused regarding the marketing strategy to adopt. In this article, we have gathered tips to fine-tune the marketing plan that will help you gain more leads and potential customers through online marketing.

Social Media Marketing Tips An Agent Must Follow

1. Create Real Estate Social Media Business Page

The first thing you must do to benefit from any social media platform is to build your proper business profile. It should include all of your relevant details such as profile photo, company name and logo, contact details, and address.

Facebook, Instagram, And Other Platforms

Sign up for a business account on Facebook and use it to make social media posts about your new listings and the homes you have recently sold. Instagram is a more visual channel and requires you to post high-resolution photos. Remember to include the right mix of hashtags to ensure that your posts get maximum reach. Similarly, have accounts on all platforms.

2. Regular Social Media Post

It is important to ensure that you are regular with social media posts when it comes to real estate marketing. To attract potential clients, you can prepare the publicity information, schedule them in advance and put up the social media post at regular intervals. This is also needed to consistently rank on top of the search engine results. New content is given priority in the search algorithms.

3. Find New Leads By Linking Lead Generation Platforms


If you have registered on a platform like Dorrmat, which provides you sales leads, you can mention the same in your real estate agent bio. Clients who are interested in approaching you can do so directly after checking your profile on Dorrmat. It adds credibility as you are part of a highly reputed and brand-name organization. Try to cross-link all of your profiles as this makes your future clients consider you more favorably.

4. Form Partnership With Local Businesses

When you form relationships with the local businesses, you can have mutual benefit. You can share and give shout-outs to each other. This step will ensure that there is more engagement and an increase in followers for both parties. It is one of the best ways to widen your sphere of influence. Your shared customer base will benefit both and lead to better returns.

5. Share Real Estate Business Success Stories


You might have heard the saying that you need to put in a dollar to get more dollars. In the same way, you need to share your success stories with your followers to attract potential buyers and sellers. Put up a post announcing the sale of a home and the happy sellers. It will help you find leads as people can see you do your job well.

6. Create Informative Real Estate Videos

When it comes to real estate publicity online, it has become necessary to create video content. These videos could be of a virtual open house or advice to people who are looking to buy or sell. You can even put up a video of behind the scenes of a home being prepared for staging. These kinds of videos tend to attract more audiences.

7. Be Active On Different Social Media Platforms

You must be able to generate engagement and have your audience following your posts. The choice of the audience may keep changing. Therefore, to have successful real estate marketing returns, it is integral for you to make sure that you are accessible on all platforms.

8. Keep Content Ideas Fresh For Engagement

It is necessary to post ideas about a variety of topics related to the real estate industry. Whether it is a blog post about how to increase home value or how a real estate agent can help you with home selling, always create value with your content.

9. Varied Social Media Posts

Make sure that your blog has blog posts of a variety of content. Show the human face behind the real estate business. Try to post about both professional and personal life. In each blog post, offer something informational to your audience and help them build a rapport with you.

10. Utilize Paid Real Estate Ads

In the real estate market, you must invest in paid advertising to find buyers and sellers. You can use a mix of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising to attract more home buyers and home sellers to your business. The PPC ads are a good investment as you are only paying when potential customers click on the ad.

11. Sponsor Local Events


Among the many great ideas to try out for agents, one of our favorites is to sponsor community events. By sponsoring the annual bake sale or a puppy run, you would get an incredible opportunity to showcase your brand and widen your market. People attending these events should be guided towards your website and should be asked to start following you for real estate market updates.

12. Announce Your Listings And Your Sales

It is important to keep your audience informed about your open houses and new listings. Make sure that the content is sharable so that they can share it with their social circle too. This is the modern-day equivalent of town crying, and the website or platform is the town center where everyone has gathered.


For real estate professionals, it is a must to have a strong social media presence. This step is necessary as your target audience is on these social media sites. By incorporating the tips suggested above, you can take advantage of the benefits possible by investing in real estate social media marketing to boost your real estate business.