If you are in the digital marketing industry, then you already know the importance of branding. Everything ranging from the social media presence to the website is going to benefit from being on-brand. There is one area that many people tend to forget about when it comes to crafting their image, the office. The office is where the trademark style is created, why is the office not getting branded?

If you are not sure about where to start, just paint a bright color with your logo in a place that can be seen. You can then start looking for other areas to brand.

Establishing the brand


You should use this chance to have a review of your brand and what it is you like. A good way of doing this is by looking at the description of yourself on the website and company documents; it might say your company is ‘ambitious,’ ‘innovative,’ or even ‘fun.’ The office should have the ability to back up what it is you are claiming.

A great way of distinguishing your brand is by writing down a ten-word description of the company. Choose the keywords you are going to use then try reflecting them in the design. If you are not sure about the color scheme to choose, go for the ones you have used for your website.

Customer/client profiles can also be helpful because they can give you a rough idea of the people using your products and what they can expect from your office. The office is a backward-facing asset, and this is why the opinion of the staff is really important. Get opinions from your employees, both how they see the company and what they want. You should expect some extravagant requests, but there might be gems in there too.

Getting everyone involved

While there are many agencies out there dealing with office branding and design, you can choose to look internally because it can provide some inspiration. Design skills might have been neglected before, but this is a chance of utilizing the creativity of your employees and also your own. No one knows your brand better than you. You should be after making the staff feel proud every time they walk through the door, and the clients to know what the company is about.

When you pay attention to the culture of your company, the stronger it is going to be. The content and design of an office have a big impact on the people inside it. This is why it is a good idea to involve everyone from the start when branding the office. If you involve your staff in decorating and finishing touches, they will feel like they are home when in the office.

First impression


You should have the logo at the entrance because that is the first introduction the clients are going to get. You might be surprised to find that one of your employees is an artist who is willing to paint the logo for you. When you hire a graphics company, you are sure of getting quality services. If you notice you are not open to having it showcased, then it could be a sign that it needs to be updated.

One way of adding fun to the workplace is by choosing bright (company-colored is the best option) walls, break-out spaces, and lunch areas will become more inviting when they have some color. There is also a wide range of options when it comes to furnishings. You could check out for ideas on roller blinds, or custom pictures do decorate your office. You don’t need to overdo things; less is more. Another important thing is keeping it relevant.

Everyday Working

You don’t have to overdo things because the office space will seem more of style over substances, making it important to have it functional. You can make the meeting rooms shine with branding because you want to impress prospective clients, but the working area can be subtle.

One feature that should be in all brands is taking pride in the workplace and the workforce. A great way of showing this is by investing in technology, having competent facilities (a microwave from this decade), and ergonomic office equipment. The employees are going to go through their day efficiently and comfortably.

The trimmings


The tiniest of things are going to count when looking at the brand. From the tea in the cupboard to the notebooks on the desk, such things can say a lot about a business. This does not mean you have to go and spend a lot of money buying some of the finest tea, but it means you need to give a thought about the things that seem innocuous.

When you finish this, you are going to have a better understanding of your brand and also your staff. When it is completed, make full use of the office. Hold meetings in the new branded meeting room and spending the lunch break in the branded lunch area. You should let your employees be in an office that has been branded, and you will start seeing great results.