Needless to say, any sort of business puts their soul and hard to develop a good product to satisfy customer’s needs. But even a perfect product can fail unless it is marketed properly. We’re living in the world of online technologies, where companies got new simple and creative methods to market their services and products to people. Nowadays, a well-done explainer video is a very effective and quite simple method to turn the attention of your potential clients. Of course, it’s important to make a creative video that will be very popular, and hiring a professional explainer video company like is the wisest decision here.

The explainer videos are short but they help your customers to know your brand better and represent your products and services to clients, telling the most important information they need to know. Every businessman knows how important it is to keep the audience engaged in everything that you offer, and interested in buying a certain product. Of course, it’s quite understandable that sales = good engagement + effective entertainment. In this article, we’re going to present several advantages of explainer videos that can improve any company significantly.

1. Leads you forward from other companies


In our world of modern technology and digital marketing, it’s very important to stay forward from the crowd of others. Thanks to a successful video, you can establish yourself as a contemporary, creative, and interesting company.

2. Increases conversion

With a video, it’s possible to attract more potential customers, and as a plus, an interesting video inspires clients to buy any product. According to statistics, a video on the site can increase the conversion rate by 80%. No matter if your team sells glasses or computer devices, any kind of product or service may be marketed easily with a video.

3. Gives clients information about the company


Following the statistics, about one-third of staying online people spend at the computer is watching various videos. People like videos and prefer them to texts, that’s why a successful and interesting video can be quite helpful in getting more potential customers. With a professionally created video, you provide clients with important information about the business and its products in an easy and eye-catching way.

4. Improves SEO

Just like your customers, Google likes videos, so placing a video on the page is a great method to improve SEO and get a higher ranking of your website on Google searches. Needless to say, it will take your business closer to the potential clients. The algorithm of Google search takes into consideration the total amount of time people stay on the site, and it is the main reason why it’s important to upload a video on the webpage.

5. Helps to impress people during sales meetings


Of course, the audience prefers to watch an interesting explainer video than a simple presentation created in PowerPoint. That’s why making a successful video is a wonderful method to impress people and send a message to the audience, promoting all the needed products and engaging people with your company. Of course, clients will buy products more likely after they have watched a detailed explanation and understood how this product or service will help to solve their problem.

6. Gives people a better understanding of any product you offer

Of course, if a potential customer hesitates if they need a particular product, it’s more likely they won’t buy it at all. With a creative explainer video, your business gives customers all the needed information about products in a simple and effective way. In your video, it’s easy to tell an exciting story about how certain products or services can simplify people’s lives and solve problems easily. Just about 80-120 seconds of the short video contains all the needed information for people to make a decision to buy a particular product. Needless to say, with a video, the company gets more potential customers who get ready to buy.

7. Saves a lot of time


Instead of reading long texts and trying to understand how a certain product works, people can watch a short video and get everything just in a minute! Your potential clients save their time by watching a video, and you also save your time because you don’t have to do anything when the video is completed and uploaded on the webpage.

8. Helps to reach more potential clients

Every business owner tries to reach out to as many clients as possible and convince them to buy a product or a service. Apart from your own site, you can place the video on social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. It will help the company to reach millions of people easily because they all will watch the video and make their decision to buy something.

9. Tells clients everything you want them to hear


You can make a video with any content that will tell an interesting story to the customers – for example, it may be storytelling about how the product can change their life or solve important problems. Here creativity is a very important thing that will help you to make a successful explainer video to attract more customers. It means you need to think in a creative way to create interesting ideas for your video to become popular when it will be published.

10. Brings a new experience

Needless to say, it’s always exciting to do something new. An exciting explainer video can bring you a new experience. Since you will be fully involved in the interesting process of making a script and creating the video from the very beginning to the final point when you press a button to post it on your site, it’s a great experience for any business owner. In our world, it’s important to develop and grow every day because new technologies go forward constantly.

As you can see, a well-done explainer video is an amazing tool to promote any business company to its potential clients. It has great benefits and it may improve the business and increase sales significantly. With this powerful tool, you can take your company to a new level easily.