As one of the most used mediums, the internet is full of articles and blogs you can use both for entertainment as well as education. All these texts you find online are created by content writers each in its specific niche.

If you have a writing talent, or you simply see writing as a possible career option, there are a couple of things you want to understand. The first thing is how much a content writer earns to see if that is profitable, and the second thing is how to become one.

We made this article to explain the things from above so you can have a better perspective on this career path. Keep reading and learn more.

What are your content writer objectives


Before you consider a certain career, you have to find out what your exact objectives are going to be. Since writing is a broad term, we had to make a short list of activities that fill your job.

Doing research

Content writing means coming up with a full text of a certain topic that is given to you.

Knowing everything is just impossible, and since you will be working with lots of different topics, you will have to learn more about them.

For that reason, you first need to research and find more about the article you are going to write. This helps in coming up with accurate and relatable content that the readers will surely enjoy.

Make plans for every project


The next thing that you have to do is plan your projects. This includes the structure of the text, including keywords and pasting links for marketing purposes. In addition, you should be able to provide your work on time. Everything has to be cohesive, so be sure you plan the projects appropriately.

Write an initial text

Writing the text is the biggest part of your work. How big the text should be is depending on how many words your employer demands from you. Sometimes the texts can be really short, while on the opposite, you can write texts with more than three thousand words.

Since this takes most of the time, be sure to come up with a time structure. You will usually write more texts in a day to fill your shift and to make this job more profitable.

Although it may seem difficult at the moment, with experience you will get to it.

Edit and adjust

After writing the initial text, it is time to reread it and find any errors you have made. Not only grammatical but structural as well. However, there are many tools that you can include in your work such as grammar check-ups and how many times you have written the same word.

When you correct your mistakes, you should be done. However, one last reread could be beneficial to find improvements and make the text far better than before.

How much can you earn as a content writer


After going through some of the basic objectives this job requires, it is time to see how much you can earn from it. On average, you can earn just below seventy thousand dollars in a year. Normally, the pay is dependent on various factors which we’ll go through in a moment.

Firstly, it is dependent on how you get the job. If you are employed in an office, you might get fixed pay depending on how many hours and projects you finish. On the other hand, if you are working through the internet as a freelancer, it all depends on how many texts you’ll write in a day, and the quality of your work.

To earn more, be sure to find a specific topic that usually pays more. For example, offering custom essay writing services can significantly increase your pay since many people are looking for such services. When offering something unique that is in demand on the market, the earnings will only rise as suggested by

How to get into this profession


Since we determined the objectives and how profitable this job is, let’s see how can you get into this profession and become a content writer.

Get a degree

Although you don’t need a degree to get to writing, it surely helps if you have finished school for journalism or communication. That can help you in distinguishing yourself from the competition before providing certain articles of yours.

Begin writing

Beginning with writing as soon as you can help in achieving work habits, and will help you to write higher quality texts. You cannot learn how to write without doing that on your own. Sure, many guides can you can use to improve and enhance your product but without putting in the work, you cannot be a good writer.

Find what you like writing about


Exploring your favorite niche can be difficult at the start, but you surely have certain topics that interest you most. Since most content writings are centralized in a certain field, this is where you can do your best work, and actually enjoy your job.

Become experienced

Experience is something that is acquired with time. As much as your write daily, that much better you’ll become in the future. For that reason, look for internship options where you can learn from people who do this professionally. In addition, you can look for gigs to begin working and see how you do.

All the writings that you do should be saved since you can upload them into your portfolio where potential employers can see your work.

Look for a job

Looking for work might be the hardest part of the whole process. However, with lots of possibilities as a freelancer, you can surely get to a point where someone recognizes your work. For that reason, be sure to create accounts on most work offering platforms and apply to everything that interests you.

Constantly improve your writing ability

Constantly improving your writing abilities is essential to stay on top of your work. It is hard to imagine working for a certain time without improving the quality of your texts. For that reason, be sure to learn how to research more effectively and adapt to various topics more easily.

In addition, learn how to manage your time since as efficient you get, the more texts you can write which contributes to higher pay.