Have you been struggling with your finances lately and would like to create a passive source of income? It is possible even if you want to keep your regular job. Of course, those who can put in more time will have an advantage because different methods require different learning amounts.

Ultimately, though, it all comes down to just getting started. Once you have a little bit of experience, moving forward should become much easier. Keep that in mind if your first attempt does not work out in your favor.

And in case you have no idea how to start, here is a list of some of the best methods to make money on the internet. Think about what you would like to try and give it a go.

Method #1 – Dropshipping

Source: indianretailer.com

According to the list of the best online jobs by Letstalkaboutmoney, dropshipping should be in the first place. The e-commerce industry continues to grow exponentially with each passing year, and it is highly likely that this trend will continue to be present for years to come.

There is virtually no ceiling as far as profits go. You can scale the business and continue to reel in more money with each passing month.

Keep in mind, though, that the initial stage of setting up the store is going to take a while. Finding the perfect product or services to promote is also difficult. Nevertheless, if you are persistent and willing to work hard and learn, dropshipping could be the perfect method.

Method #2 – Blogging

Blogging is also one of the most popular methods to make money online. Quite a few bloggers start the venture as a hobby and turn it into a way to add extra income. And some even reach a point where they can live off of their blog without any problems.

The money comes from various monetization methods. Ad networks, digital product promotions, affiliate links, guest posting, and crowdfunding pages like Patreon are a few good examples.

Method #3 – Video Editing

Source: digitalmarketinginstitute.com

Learning how to edit videos is a good course of action given how much in demand good video editors are these days. Even smaller YouTube channels have dedicated video editors these days. Add the fact that social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are also starting to emphasize video content, and you have a clear idea of why this is a good choice.

And you can find work later that is outside the internet. While good video content will always find a place online, you could also end up in movie or video game productions, for example.

Method #4 – Customer Support

Reliable customer support is what every business should strive for. And customers who might have questions or other problems should be able to get in touch with someone 24/7. You could try your hand in customer support as well. If you notice that there is an ad for such a job, do not hesitate and send a CV. Positions for customer support employees open up quite often, so even if you do not get the job with your first attempt, there is a possibility that they will hire you later.

Things are not that difficult once you get the basics down. Who knows, responding to messages or emails might be the perfect side hustle that could potentially become a full-time position. Not to mention all the useful experience you would gain.

Method #5 – Virtual Assistant

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Virtual assistant work is also relatively simple. Quite a few people are unable to take care of everything in their day because they lack time. Thus, hiring another person is the best option they have. When you have an extra pair of helping hands, it is much easier to ensure that your work will be finished on time.

Look at freelance websites like Fiverr and UpWork for virtual assistant gigs. There ought to be more than enough job offers. Checking social media groups and relevant forums would also present you with good results. Even if forums are not that popular nowadays, you can still locate some digital marketing or freelancer communities that should have a section for hiring in their forum.

Method #6 – Social Media Manager

The content you see on social media profiles are not necessarily produced by the personalities behind these profiles. They have people who produce and publish posts for them. Do not get fooled by the person who is the face of a brand.

Then there is also all the management stuff, like organizing meetings, responding to messages, or simply making sure that the schedule is optimal. You could be the person in charge of all of that.

Working with some established influencers or authorities at first would be more or less impossible. You could start your own social media channel and gain some experience first. See how good you are at attracting new followers, reaching audiences, and making social media users engage with the content you publish.

Method #7 – Affiliate Marketing

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The goal of affiliate marketing is simple. You need to get people to click on your link, and once they are redirected to a landing page and spend money, you get a percentage for each sale.

Amazon is still probably the best place for affiliate marketers. The availability of different products and good commission rates are usually enough to pick Amazon. However, if you are interested in something else, keep looking as there are quite a few other affiliate programs worth one’s attention.

Method #8 – Freelancer Gigs

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Freelancer websites can offer you quite a few gigs. If you have particular skills, like graphic design, proofreading, or translating, finding extra work is quite simple. And even those with no skill set can get opportunities, such as a data entry job that requires only basic computer knowledge.

Keep in mind, though, that taking this path can be quite difficult. You are going to be competing against other freelancers who will have a head start because of all the positive feedback on their profile. However, once you finish a few gigs and receive 5-star reviews yourself, things will become much easier.