As much as Christmas is a special and joyous event, it is undeniable that it is also expensive. According to, for instance, a lot of people suffer from gift-giving pressure, making them spend more than what they could.

Christmas décor is also getting more expensive. If you wish to travel during the holidays, since it is a peak season, prices are up. With all these expenses, it makes sense to find a side hustle. Keep on reading and let’s talk about the best ways to earn extra cash this holiday.

Provide Decoration Service


If you have a penchant for decorating, use this to earn money you can spend this Christmas. Create a Facebook profile or a website to advertise your services. Distribute flyers to spread the word around the neighborhood. Some people are too busy to do their décor, and this is where you enter the picture. You can also offer your services to businesses, such as restaurants and shops. With your creative Christmas décor ideas, you can wow your clients and earn!

Clean Houses

Christmas is often the time when people host parties for family and friends. Naturally, they want their houses to be clean. In most cases, they do not have the time and the energy to do this themselves. If you are willing to grease your elbows, house cleaning can be a lucrative gig. Especially after the holidays, homeowners may look for people to clean and store their décor.

Organize Events and Parties


You can also help small businesses organize their holiday parties. The service can include looking for a venue, preparing games and entertainment, or providing food. The challenge is to make the party fun and memorable, which will give your clients the reason to get in touch with you again next year.

Bake Christmas Treats

Whether it is gingerbread cookies or fruit cakes, baked treats are popular during Christmas. It also makes a great gift idea. If you love baking, turn your passion into a business idea. You don’t need a lot of investment to get started, especially if you already have an oven at home. Provide creative packaging that will make your baked goods nice gifts.

Consider House-Sitting


This Christmas, many people will be gone for the holidays with their families. Chances are, no one will be left behind in their houses. This presents another attractive opportunity for you to earn money. House-sitting means that you will be simply staying in the house to keep it safe and clean while the owners are away.

Become a Personal Shopper

Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year. With parties left and right, many people don’t have the time to shop for gifts, Christmas décor, and other things that they will need. You can become a personal shopper. You will be given a list of the things that a client needs, and your job is to hunt for the best deals or items available.

Sell Gift Baskets


Shopping for holiday gifts can be stressful. Most people are clueless about to buy. Some do not have the time to shop. Consider selling gift baskets. Use your imagination to find unique items you can put in a basket. You can also customize it depending on the demands of the client.

Wrap Gifts

This is another simple way to earn extra cash this Christmas. Go around the neighborhood to advertise your services. Use your creativity to make the holiday presents more presentable. You can also go around retail stores within the area and ask if they need someone who can wrap gifts.

Sell Your Stuff


If you have been looking for the perfect opportunity to declutter your home while making money, this is the best time to do it. From old clothes to items in the kitchen that you have not been using, you can organize a garage sale. People are looking for cheap but good holiday gifts, and they might just find one from the items you will be selling.

Earn from Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing allows you to earn a small commission from promoting the products of other businesses. This is a purely-online income opportunity. When people click on affiliate links, you will earn a part of the income of the business you are working with. Since many people will be looking for holiday gifts, look for affiliates offering popular products that people can give as presents for the holidays.

Become a Dog Sitter


As mentioned earlier, many families will be taking vacations. Some can just be extremely busy and they don’t have the time to watch over their pets. You can consider a dog sitting or walking as an alternative opportunity to earn money.

Take Photographs

If you have talent in photography, use this as an opportunity to make money this Christmas. Promote your business within the neighborhood and look for clients who would like to have their Christmas portraits taken. They can use this in the holiday cards that they will be giving out to their family and friends.

Design Christmas Costumes


People constantly look for ways to make Christmas parties more fun. One of the best ways to do this is by wearing costumes. From elves to reindeers, there are many costumes that you can design and sell to make people feel the festive atmosphere of the holidays.

Become a Landscaper

Many people will be inviting their family and friends to their homes for Christmas. Make the season easier by offering landscaping services. This way, they do not have to exert effort to have a well-manicured lawn to impress their guests.

Dress Up as Santa


According to Investopedia, dressing up as Santa Claus is one of the highest-paying seasonal Christmas jobs. From shopping malls like City Center Bishop Ranch to Christmas parties, you can dress as Santa and distribute gifts, especially to kids. You need to have a happy disposition and be patient if you want to consider this side hustle.

From organizing parties to wrapping gifts, there are countless ways to earn money this Christmas. Consider the side hustles mentioned above to use your time productively while earning at the same time!