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Proposal automation software (PAS) is software which allows its users to create and develop proposals, presentations and requests for proposals or RFPs. PAS in a sense creates an ‘outline’ or ‘template’ for these sorts of documents. They are most commonly used for requests for proposals which are basically documents that seek a commodity, property, or a sort of asset to potential buyers or suppliers. These are then turned to business proposals to be sold at a later time. In general, there are numerous benefits of PAS, of which four are listed below.

1. Consistent Proposals

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The number one benefit and advantage of proposal automation software is consistency. Given that PAS is comparable to a template, this implies that each time a proposal is needed to be procured, the template will be followed with the same structure. Consistency gives off a positive image, as well as a professional one. One of the main reasons logos is made exactly the same, for instance, is so they can be easily recognizable. This suggests that consistency is key in making a company or business easily identifiable with a professional touch.

2. Reduction of Time

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Competing for the number one benefit is time. Time and consistency are the two biggest advantages of PAS. Since this is basically a template, creating and recreating the same look from a previous proposal will take lots of time. Therefore, this template, which can be easily followed is completely time-saving. According to www.expediencesoftware.com proposal automation service “significantly reduces” creation and generation time as well as the amount of people it would take to create one.

3. Accurate Reporting

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They are created by professionals who sit with the company or business and develop it in order to perfect the persuasive techniques used and the overall content. Some proposals also include quotes and other documents that support the bidding and sales offers so it is essential that they are chosen correctly and accordingly in order for there to be accurate reporting.

4. Simplicity and adaptability

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The third benefit of PAS is its simplicity and adaptability. They can simply be installed in Word such as extensions are added to internet browsers. No extra software is actually needed. This makes it extremely simple, as well as giving you the benefits of Word itself such as spell check. This leads to error free documents that you can effortlessly flow through without having to triple-check. Although these templates seem rigid and basic, they are actually very adaptable, and are flexible enough to correspond to your given needs. This occurs with the main point of staying consistent and professional.

5. Improve Content Management

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Instead of taking time to perfect the document itself and try to make it look professional or consistent, you will instead invest your time in procuring content that is suitable for your client and creating an efficient document that will possibly aid you in getting the bid or sale offer that you need!

PAS, although may take time at first, will definitely outweigh any small disadvantages. It is essential that you consult first and take time to understand the process which will definitely pay off in future uses.