It takes a lot to be a software developer, and the needs of the industry sometimes surpass the number of talented developers on a local level. This is the reason why businesses search and employ software devs on a global level. But some do maintain a strict policy of hiring software developers who are not talented enough, only because they do not wish to tap into the large global pool of talent. But companies such as these should understand that they are missing out on a few factors.

In this article, we are going to tell you the benefits of hiring remote software developers.

1. Better Productivity

When a company employs remote software devs, a large role in the candidate accepting the offer is having the ability to maintain flexibility. As you might know, not everyone is as productive during 9 to 5 work hours. Some prefer to work from 8 to 12 and then from 4 pm to 8 pm. Some even prefer to work 2nd shift, even night shift. Point is, remote software devs prefer their flexibility over any kind of employment because they know they will work better during their own hours.


2. Access to the Large Pool of Global Talents

Whenever a company has its heart set on a specific person for a job, they will need to spend money to relocate him if the person is not from a local area. It takes time, more money, and lots of resources to pull it off. Sometimes this person might have to move from another country and it is not uncommon for the person to ask employees for his/her spouse. When companies are in the process of developer staff augmentation, a good place to look for talent is in the global pool. You can find the perfect candidate from anywhere in the world, and have him work his hours all while saving money on extra costs.

3. You Reduce Resource Costs

We mentioned how hiring a remote software dev saves you lots of money. Well, another thing you eliminate when hiring a remote software dev is the need for office space, computer equipment, coffee, covering of commutes, and more. By eliminating such costs, you can use the money to other sectors such as slightly boosting someone’s salary, which will further raise the productivity of the developer in question.


4. Constant Work

Your company might be based in New York, and the person you’ve hired is from London. How does this help your company with the difference in time zones? Well, when your employee from London has finished working and has signed off, your team in New York will pick up the work straight from where he left it. This creates a constant cycle of work, that is not often perfect, but it is effective.

5. You Get a Fresh View of the Project

It can become very frustrating to get stuck on a specific project. By hiring a remote software dev from another part of the world, you can get a set of fresh eyes on your project and receive an unbiased view on how to solve the problem. Since not everyone thinks the same, it could come as a breath of fresh air to get an opinion different than yours.