Building relationships within your company is something very important. If employees all know each other, then they will become better coworkers and team players.

But the introduction of social intranet software is something that not everyone agrees on. In addition to employing intranet software, the social aspect of these applications is debated by experts.

But we’re here to tell you why social intranet software is beneficial for businesses. To do that, we give you these 7 benefits. So with all that said, let’s start.

What’s the Purpose of Social Intranet Software?


First things first, we have to look at what this software is. In simple terms, social intranet software is software designed to allow much easier communication between employees in a company.

As one might imagine, such software has many features such as messaging, calling, and the ability to share images and documents. This software resembles any other messaging software, but it is exclusive to employees within a company.

This means that no one else can join the group or use the software. Social intranet software was once developed by in-house teams, while nowadays we’re seeing more and more cloud intranet software.

So with all that said, what are the benefits of using one? Let’s find out.

More Collaboration


Company bosses have to find ways to bring togetherness in the workplace. There are obvious benefits when every employee is on the same page.

Working in an environment perfectly suited to encourage collaboration isn’t something easily achievable. But it can be with the use of social intranet software.

As more cloud-based applications are making their way onto the personal computers of employees, it makes it easier to collaborate. Instead of having to call a coworker on a different floor, you can send an instant message.

While employees can do this via email and planet of other ways, it isn’t nearly as effective as sending a direct message.

This way, businesses make communication much easier among employees and that encourages collaboration.

More Satisfaction


Plenty of factors impact employee satisfaction. Some factors include allowing flexible work hours, rewarding employees for good work, and promoting wellness in the workspace.

But considering that not every business can allow itself to hire a professional coach to promote workspace wellness, businesses need to look at other ways to achieve satisfactory levels.

The obvious benefits to doing this are plenty. The more employees are satisfied, the happier they are. The happier an employee is, the less likely they’ll want to leave their job.

This brings an additional set of benefits on its own, but what are cost-effective ways of increasing employee satisfaction? One way to do that is by implementing social solutions. And the best way to do that is to look for the best intranet platforms.

While many have tons to say on the subject, cloud-based intranet software emerges as the most popular option.

Thus, make sure to over to AgilityPortal to learn more about the benefits of cloud intranet software.

More Efficient Workplace


Feedback is essential in the workplace. But sadly, not everyone has the time to give feedback. More so, employees need it to understand what they’re doing wrong.

One way to give timely feedback is by communicating on social intranet channels. This way, team leaders can give instant feedback instead of being stuck in meetings. All the person needs to do is open up the messages and write the feedback to one of the team members.

Reduces Risks


There are tons of ways for employees to share files and communicate with each other. The question here isn’t if they’re doing it, is how they’re doing it.

If your company doesn’t use an in-house solution, then what ways are employees communicating amongst each other? Some popular options include Slack, Dropbox, and many other cloud-based applications.

But are they as reliable as many things? In a large company setting with dozens of employees, it’s important for everyone to use an in-house solution to minimize risk.

Even if your company doesn’t have the resources to develop a similar software, using one of the best intranet platforms on the market is an upgrade over Slack and Dropbox.

Easily Manage Information


No doubt employees mostly use this software as a means to share documents and information. Many employees aren’t really interested in the social aspect of this software, but they are looking at all kinds of ways to make work more efficiently done.

And that’s exactly what cloud intranet software allows companies. Since these applications are indeed cloud-based, it means anyone can download any file at any time from any place.

This makes it easier to manage information and easier to obtain information whenever someone requests it.

Easier For Remote Workers


As more companies are looking to take full advantage of remote work, they need to implement solutions that allow employees to successfully and seamlessly work from home.

Cloud applications are some of the most popular ways to do that. By using cloud intranet software, employees can work remotely while still collaborating in real-time with the rest of their team. More so, it makes it easier for team leaders to manage remote workers.

More Security


For some businesses, having the means to safely transfer sensitive information and files is essential. When that’s the case, software like Slack and Dropbox just won’t cut it.

Why? Well because these applications aren’t designed for the purpose of sharing sensitive information. Taking nothing away from both apps, but who knows if someone is waiting for the opportunity to hack your network.

If that happens, nothing will stop them from viewing and stealing sensitive data. By using social intranet software with enhanced security features, you will protect sensitive information and anything else that your employees are sharing amongst each other.


These were our 7 benefits to using social intranet software. No doubt businesses are gaining a lot from these applications. So as a general tip, consider choosing the one that best suits the needs of your company.