You’re preparing to pick an IT Support Company, but you’re not sure which one would suit your needs the best. So we’ve made a list with tips to help you narrow down your options for the right company.

Does the IT Support have experience in your industry

Different industries require different knowledge. This means the IT Support you pick must know the ropes and quirks of your work area, so make sure you ask or check if they have any certificates or awards in this certain industry.

Is the IT Company equipped to support your workstations or servers?

If your servers run on something other than Windows, they should have the proper experience for your operating system. Most of the time companies like CM IT Support Solutions have universal tech people, but sometimes precise expertise is needed. So finding the right support for your infrastructure is very important.


Can the IT Support work with an organization of your size?

Picking an IT Company with a large enough workforce to satisfy all your needs is also an important move. So don’t forget to ask if they have enough engineers for your requirements. If you have a smaller organization, it’s also smart to consider a smaller IT Support Company, so you don’t have to pay a big company’s premium prices.

Make sure the IT Support Company is located locally to your main office

Having onsite support is probably one of the best advantages you can get out of IT Support. This means making sure that they’re located near your headquarters for a faster response time to fix any IT problems you are having.

Is fast service important to you?

Different companies have different process times for their clients. If you’re expecting fast service at all times, you should consider asking the IT Support Company things like:

  • How fast do you respond to issues?
  • How quickly will you resolve these issues?
  • How long will it take you to get on-site to fix the issues?

Of course, any company would promise they have “fast” response times, but what you really want is facts and numbers they have from their previous clients or you could even look for reviews from their clients in the past.

Does the IT Support Company have any knowledge about your software?

What is the most important and critical software you’re using for your company? Ask if their support is capable of working with this software. It’s important to have in mind that you can’t ask from your IT Support to work on editing your own programmed software. They’re probably not familiar with the programming language your developer used or even if they were this would create unwanted issues for your developer if he plans on future updates.

They should, of course, be prepared to troubleshoot your software, so making a good communication connection between your IT Support and software developer is a good idea.


Do you meet the company’s conditions?

As you have your own requirements, normally even the IT Support Company will have their own needs. Most IT companies require a business to have a certain number of servers to provide support to.

Making sure that you are both adequate companies for each other is important, fulfilling yours and their needs.

After reading through all these tips you should be ready or at least narrow your choice for choosing the right IT Support Company.