In today’s competitive environment, sales teams must find a way to stand out from the competition. This can be difficult as sales cycles are shrinking and customers have more options than ever before.

LinkedIn automation software for sales teams offers a solution to provide an edge in lead generation and customer relationship management.

Despite the plethora of options of tools you may consider, know that they aren’t created equally. Let’s dive into the software types and their respective features.



A desktop automation software that allows you to generate leads by sending automated messages on LinkedIn. Within a coffee break, Expandi can send thousands of messages with tracking links for instant lead generation. It’s ideal for companies that are looking for a quick boost in lead generation. Anyone in the sales team can use it.

Who Can Benefit from Expandi?

Expandi is best suited to small businesses that need leads as fast as possible and those with a considerable budget. Most users become Expandi subscribers because they want to increase their lead pipeline by sending automated outreach messages. It works more like other automation tools that are available for LinkedIn lead generation.

Octopus CRM


It is a robust lead qualification and sales management software that seamlessly integrates with LinkedIn. It provides actionable analytics that helps you identify your best leads, qualify them, and track the sales process from beginning to end.

Octopus allows you to focus on high-priority deals by providing sales intelligence at your fingertips. In this modern world, you can benefit more if you consider an alternative tool. Your business can harness the potential on the platform more.

Who Can Benefit?

Octopus CRM is ideal for all types of organizations, but it’s particularly beneficial to mid-sized companies. It can be used by inside and outside sales teams, call centers, market research analysts, and any team that needs a deeper understanding of their leads while improving lead qualification processes.



Salesflow provides LinkedIn outreach automation software specifically designed for sales teams. Many consider it because it is truly unique. Salesflow provides productivity tools that drive efficiency, lead generation, and customer relationship management (CRM). Widely considered one of the most practical and convenient alternatives to Octopus.

The first level of productivity is cutting out repetitive tasks, which can take up to 30 hours a week. The company hand-curates over ten million business profiles to provide sales reps with a list of pre-qualified leads.

Salesflow also creates an internal CRM so sales reps can view activity history, engage prospects, and more.

Who Can Benefit?

Salesflow is ideal for outside sales teams as well as inside sales reps. Be it a small business or large organization, Salesflow provides value to all. It boosts efficiency and eliminates the struggle of finding leads and creating accurate activities logs that can’t be accessed by different departments or leadership.



It provides real-time sales intelligence through your LinkedIn account. It provides sales professionals with a detailed view of their prospects’ business profiles, social connections, interests, and anything useful for outreach.

It allows you to generate leads and qualify them before initiating any outreach campaigns or starting the CRM process. The platform provides the basics to drive sales.

Who Can Benefit from ProspectIn?

ProspectIn is ideal for mid-market companies struggling with skills related to prospecting, lead generation, or developing a pipeline. It can be used by inside and outside sales teams.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator


This is another popular software that helps generate leads through your LinkedIn account. It provides sales professionals with an advanced search tool, instant leads, and various prospecting features.

Salespeople appreciate the advanced search feature, which allows them to find leads in specific geographical areas or companies in particular industries.

Who Can Benefit from LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is an ideal solution for inside sales teams. It provides users with industry-based analytics that help them identify the right prospects. Sales teams can benefit from instant leads, advanced search features, and call connections within LinkedIn Sales Navigator, although many automated tools are available on other platforms.

LinkedIn Pulse Automation


This powerful tool allows users to generate appointments by sending automated messages and posting updates in groups and news feeds if you don’t have time to invest in manual outreach and need quick leads to boost.

Who Can Benefit from LinkedIn Pulse Automation?

LinkedIn Pulse Automation is best suited to small businesses with limited budgets looking for quality leads but can’t afford expensive solutions like the aforementioned tools. Most users of the software become subscribers because they need to increase their lead pipeline fast.

LinkedIn Instant Connect


LinkedIn Instant Connect is worth trying out if you are looking for a simple solution that allows users to generate leads quickly. B2B marketers can use it as an outreach tool and start generating leads by connecting with them immediately.

Who Can Benefit from LinkedIn Instant Connect?

LinkedIn InstantConnect has its limitations compared to other lead generation tools available on the market. Still, it’s suitable for those who want a quick boost of leads and don’t have a big budget.

It’s recommended to automate follow-up within Instant Connect. The software is best suited for inside sales teams who want to generate leads quickly.



This is a great solution to send automated messages and leverage LinkedIn for lead generation. It’s one of the most powerful tools that allow you to automate your prospecting process fully, but it comes at a cost.

Who Can Benefit from Lempod?

Lempod is ideal for inside and outside sales teams who constantly need fresh leads, but they meet some limitations. It’s essential to use Lempod for cold outreach because it helps push the messages. It makes sales teams not get blocked by LinkedIn due to being pushy.

Choosing the right tools for your business will directly impact your team’s efficiency and productivity. It can also lead to significant revenue increases if you’re selling through LinkedIn channels.

Sales professionals will benefit the most by choosing suitable tools. They can use it as a CRM and productivity tool to generate more opportunities, manage them through the sales process, and close deals faster than before.