People are becoming more and more aware of the importance of investing money in order to create larger fortunes for themselves in the future. In the past, this type of work has been reserved for the rich, famous and those in the know. Often depicted as bankers and financial advisors in Hollywood movies, as technology moves forward the modern investor doesn’t have to do this kind of thing as a day job. In fact, they don’t need to do anything close.

As long as the potential investor is willing to spend some time researching and developing a deeper understanding of their investment path of choice, they can become well equipped to make it a successful venture. And not all investments have to be inclusive of eye-watering figures. Some of the options provided below are very much accessible to the average earner, enabling every person to begin a life of investing.

ISAs and Savings Accounts


A very popular tried and testing way of investing your money, ISA and savings account can offer a great return in the long term. That is the very first thing to consider. In order to really feel the benefit of this type of investment, time and patience is required. Consistency and extremely low risk are the two main pros that carry this option on to our list.

Banks partake in Forex and stock market exchanges using the money funded by customers into things like these ISA’s. The profit made on their investments is then delivered back to the customer in the form of interest as a fee for allowing them to use the funds in their accounts.

Vehicles And Registration Plates

Naturally, vehicles that hold value are often quite expensive in the first place. But there is hope for aspiring investors that are starting out with a relatively small budget. Much like the housing market, dilapidated homes purchased and revamped or work on can often pay huge dividends in return for the money and time that has been spent in the meantime creating a much more saleable property. This would enable a cheap vehicle to be purchased, brought to a proper and approachable standard and sold for vast profit in the future.

Registration plates also offer a similar kind of margin though much less work is required. (check for more information) The number plate industry is one that may not require a huge amount of investment, but will need patience and a keen eye for what can, and will sell. People purchase personalized registrations that have some sentimental value to them.

You can easily locate a particular registration and purchase it (some are as little as £160). Then, if you are able to scour forums or offer the registration on the right website to potential buyers, you could match the registration with someone who is willing to pay huge sums for your small outlay. The famous ‘F 1’ registrations sought after by former Formula 1 owner Bernie Ecclestone is valued at around £12M!

The Stock Market


Similar to the Forex markets that we have previously mentioned, a stock market is a place in which you are able to predict that movement of certain businesses and corporations and hedge your bets accordingly.

You are able to buy shares in certain companies individually if you feel they are going to encounter growth going forward. If they do, your stock naturally gains more value as the company in question inflates. If a person is able to find a hidden gem amongst the thousands of opportunities, huge fortunes can be made.

For bigger and more well-known businesses, the London Stock Exchange is the best place to start. For smaller and developing opportunities, we recommend checking out the Alternative Investment Market (AIM). This exchange market can offer up the biggest ROI (return on investment) due to the low initial share value.

Start-Up Businesses

One very obvious and detrimental issue that many startup businesses run into the world over is initial funding. The creator may have a truly tremendous idea, that is almost certain to success but without initial investment, is unable to get off the ground. This often created unbelievable opportunities for those looking to get involved with said businesses and help the director shape their project into something more tangible.

Websites like Kickstarter provide a haven of businesses that are looking for the initial beginning funding that can propel them to greatness. With proper due-diligence and planning, an investor could help them on their early journey and find themselves behind a super successful company in the years that follow. As a small example, actor Ashton Kutcher has made more money investing in early-stage businesses like Uber and Airbnb, then he has made during a successful acting career.

These options are very much within any individual’s reach if they are prepared to put in the time and research that it requires to make such important and potentially very profitable decisions. Check out Hackstons to see where else you could be putting your money. Hiring someone to do the legwork for you can be an option for some, but is often very expensive and can multiply the funds that you are willing to risk as you are paying for the service on top.