These days it is very common to see women setting up businesses of their own, to make their own money.

And it doesn’t even matter whether such women have partners that support them financially or not. Many women are beginning to embrace their inner entrepreneurship.

Each woman has her reason for choosing to run her own business.

Some of the common reasons there include: to have an extra source of income, to enjoy the freedom of being independent, and many other personal reasons.

As a woman, there are certain jobs you can do as part-time or full time.

Whether you are planning to do fun things like sell your pictures online, set up a full-time business or finding a way of balancing your work at home with the idea of running your own business, this article looks at some ideas for women that can work out for you.

If selling your pictures appeal to you, click here to read all about how you can do that and get paid.

It’s something that can be done just for fun, yet it pays when done right. You don’t even have to meet with anyone and it can all be done online.

As for other business ideas, first, it is important to reemphasize that there are myriads of jobs out there that a woman can do offline and online. Listing them would be limitless.


Tips To Help You

While some can be done as full time, others as part-time, and some others as full time and part-time. There are tips every woman should know irrespective of what kind of small business they plan to set up.

These general tips include:

  • You should do what you enjoy doing
  • You should have basic skills before delving into any kind of business.
  • If you are to set up professional service business, then you need all the basic knowledge necessary so that clients, customers, and competitors see you as a real professional.
  • You must have the right motivation before starting out.
  • You will meet with difficulties along the way but it’s all part of the process.
  • You must be prepared to stick it out until you succeed.

The following are three money-making ideas a woman can go for today:

1. Event Planner Idea

This money-making business involves you helping individuals and corporate bodies to organize events.

Your services would be invaluable in creating designs, inviting guests, decorating event venues, and ensuring that each stage of the event is properly executed.

It’s also your duty to ensure that the entire event goes successfully.

You can operate this business as a full time or a part-time business, and all you need to start off is have the knack for organization.


2. Book Publishing and Freelance Writing Idea

If you have the skills for writing, you may want to plunge into this adventure. You can write short stories, novels and non-fictional materials for publications.

These can be published online or offline and you can sell them to earn money.

That’s probably why many women are going into freelance writing these days. This is definitely another area that can earn money for you even while you are at home.

3. Herbal Store Money Making Idea


The importance of herbal or alternative treatments cannot be overemphasized. This is more so since the use of orthodox treatments results in many side effects.

Selling of herbal products is a very lucrative business you can set up today as a woman. Distribution can be done right from your home.

Conclusively, the three money making business ideas above can be set up by women. There are lots of other business ideas you can still find online. But of course, you should take your time and do some research before getting started with any.