It is well known that the Internet has changed the entire landscape of the music industry and it is common knowledge to musicians who utilize digital technology such as digital marketing or file sharing via a wide range of social media channels.

While all this is quite obvious information, one thing remains the same – a lot of musicians struggle to choose the right online platform to upload, share, and promote their music online. In this article, you will be able to learn what are the best music platforms for promoting music. Let’s take a look at the list:

1. SoundCloud


SoundCloud was founded in 2007 and it is one of the top world’s audio distribution platforms today with 175 million monthly users and visitors. From a free-streaming point of view, it has been a longstanding giant and it is quite obvious that it will not change soon.

The news feed style of the homepage, favorite/repost/playlist options, and group/followers communities play an important role in expanding the reach of the massive library on the platform. SoundCloud should be your go-to choice for giving fans the chance to stream your latest song for free.

And if you want to speed up the process and get your song to a larger number of people, one of the best things you could do is to buy SoundCloud followers.

2. iTunes


Anyone who listened to music in the 21st century knows the monster called iTunes. If you are a part of a select group of consumers who believe in financially supporting the work of their favorite musicians, iTunes is the app for you.

If you are an independent musician who wants to provide their fans with an option of buying their music, uploading it to this platform will be the basic method of doing so.

3. Spotify


Over the last few years, this platform has worked its way to becoming a powerful digital music service and is one of the leading platforms in the music streaming industry, says Guitar Junky. The enormous music library from artists has made Spotify an attractive choice for many, and most people can enjoy listening to music for free or as a premium user.

4. Vimeo


As mentioned above, YouTube is one of the biggest music and video sharing platforms in the world, however, Vimeo is a runner-upper and it has its own features for artists who have amazing visual and musical content. If you take a diversified route with videos like creating documentaries or behind-the-scenes footage, it is not a bad idea to experiment with this platform that is the home to various creative communities.


These four music streaming platforms will help you make the whole process of distributing your music easier, less time-consuming, cheaper, and less overwhelming.

Hence, do not waste any more time and do some research on these platforms to determine which one would work best for you. However, you should keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with using all of them since people prefer different apps to listen to music, and not all people use the same applications.