The history of iOS and Android mobile app market totals slightly more than 12 years. Starting with 500 apps on the App Store and 50 apps on Google Play in 2008, both platforms sell over 4.6 million apps today.

App development market became one of the most competitive, and you can’t just launch another health tracker to hit the wave. Freepps experts studied promotion strategies and methods of chart-toppers and created a step-by-step guide for promoting a newborn app in 2024.

Now let’s imagine that your team has already developed a high-quality working app for any purpose. It has fine design, convenient UI, a good platform optimization, and a killer feature that lets it stand out of the line. But why people don’t download it? Thorough, unhurried promotion can be the key to the solution and leadership!

Boost With Community Testing


There’s nearly no sense in submitting an app either on the App Store or Google Play without attracting users on specialized testing platforms. One of the most effective platforms for young and ambitious startups is Product Hunt.

The trick is that you don’t have to spend your advertising budget to use it. Every user of the website, including your team, can submit an app for natural testing by mostly enthusiastic mobile users. If your product has something to offer, the wave of community excitement may eventually drive you to hundreds or even thousands of testers and ready-to-pay users.

Here are some more quick tricks:

  • Product Hunt can boast excellent moderation, so it’s impossible to cheat. Read the guide and follow it, or you’ll be banned quite soon.
  • Some users are influencers for others and have many subscribers. Try to impress such personalities so that they post your app and boost it.
  • Be ready to read and reply comments 24/7 as users here are active and want to know every little thing.
  • Be patient, and you may get onto the section of alternatives to the most promoted apps. Get there, and you will start generating real income.

This site is a treasure, but don’t forget about Hacker News, Reddit, Betapage, Betalist, and others. Even if you get one user from a platform, it is better than nothing.

Try To Be Innovative

At, we are convinced that there will be no end to marketing innovations. 2018 and 2019 have proved the viability of insane ideas, so don’t hesitate to do something fun and crazy too!

Here is a working idea. Create a QR-code for direct downloading of your app, and put it into an unusual setting.

It can be anything from a flashmob on the streets to fancy banners around the city. Scanning takes a second, so it’s a great way to drive potential users directly to the product. If you can’t come up with something unique, don’t hesitate to change something existing!

Localize It

According to statistics, over 3.5 billion people use smartphones. What language do they speak? Plenty! That’s why it’s almost obligatory to translate your app into the most widely used languages, including Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Russian, and other.

The procedure is costly, but you may save and use automatic localizing tools and then pay an expert native speaker or a translator only for proofreading, which is cheaper.

Watch What Competitors Do Every Day


A part of every marketing strategy must be monitoring other developers’ marketing efforts. Study how similar projects use various promotion methods. If something worked for them, it may come in handy for your project too, and vice versa. Use this approach as a shortcut to avoid regrettable budget spoiling.

It’s nearly impossible to make an app popular without investing money into paid promotion, so you’d better avoid experiments that you doubt about. To make your analysis simpler, try using services like Apptica to see how successful and failure startups conduct their marketing campaigns across the Internet.

Join Popular Social Networks

No matter what your app purpose is, the is a target user for that feature in every popular social network, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Snapchat, and alike.

Define your target audience and try to reach it using the default promotion instruments of each platform. Using analytic tools and logics, choose the most active network for your particular product and start conquering it step by step.

For example, Instagram is better for attracting attention to the various photo and video editors or health trackers, while Facebook will work out better for business-focused solutions. The experience of promotion experts says that conversion rates of social networks aren’t very high, but they remain a traditional advertising medium and will be forever.

Contact User Personas


This method is hard to overestimate. Advertisements that feature famous people have always been effective, and they still gaining high conversion rates for brands worldwide. However, methods of introducing products have become much more natural.

Now your app can be highlighted in personal blogs of influencers. You can contact such personalities and make a deal.

Of course, someone like Marquees Brownlee is not likely to read an email from a no-name startup. Luckily, there are hundreds of smaller authorities who can agree to review your product for a small amount of money or even for barter.

For example, you can offer a YouTube techno blogger a free lifetime subscription for your app or game and get a review for that. But don’t tell bloggers what they should say. The natural opinion of a thoughtful expert is an excellent promotion method.

Never Stop Investing

The app development business is similar to any other business when it comes to scaling. Of course, there’s always a chance that your genial idea will conquer the world like Instagram or Angry Birds, but you always have to do something while waiting for the miracle to happen. experts highly recommend permanent reinvesting in startup promotion. Never stop thinking of new features, communicate with users, and reinvest funds into advertising. That is the only way to reach the top in 2024 and beyond.