A lot of artists both old and new, find it difficult to make money on Spotify The well-known streaming platform, and when it is properly used in marketing music, it makes it easy for artists to make money. According to, there’re several methods artists can make money on Spotify.

Get Your Songs Out There!

The first step to earning cash as a musician is to get your song on Spotify. In order to do this, you’ll need to partner with an online distribution company. As a result of this, your tracks will be available on all large streaming platforms.

Expand your existing audience

Expanding your existing audience is a great way to monetize your Spotify account and earn properly. The only way to accomplish this goal is by promoting your songs on platforms such as Instagram and YouTube. Even better, you may utilize the tools provided by Spotify to assist you in promoting the songs that you have produced. In order to do this, you could begin by making an account. When this account has been created, the next step is to start uploading content that will assist the followers you have to know you properly.

Utilize the artists’ Spotify section


If you’re a musician, a good way to make money on Spotify is by using the artists’ Spotify section. This section of Spotify gives you the opportunity to make your music known and at the same time earn money. A section like that on Spotify could get you more followers and at the same time learn about them. In addition, you could communicate with the majority of your followers by using this section on Spotify. The artists’ Spotify section is a great way to keep your audience informed about new songs, upcoming concerts, and other important information.

Make More Songs Available to the Public

Having more songs on Spotify increases your chances of generating income. Aside from that, publishing new songs and albums will boost your income. Also, don’t forget about your previous music. You may want to think about placing them on streaming services like Spotify. Using this strategy will allow you to reach a broader audience and earn a higher profit margin.

Learn how to curate a playlist

A great way to make money on Spotify is by using your playlist to your advantage. When you create a good playlist, people will want to listen to your songs, and at the same time, you will earn in the process. In addition, so many musicians can be lazy at times, and you could use this to your advantage. A great way to do this is by creating a playlist for them. Most musicians are willing to pay large sums of money for a playlist to be created for them.

Create awareness for your songs


It is not possible for you to earn if people are not aware of the type of song that you have. Spreading awareness would go a long way in increasing the amount of money that you earn.

There are so many ways to spread awareness for your songs. One major way is through social media.

Earnings can be a struggle for a lot of musicians. However, if the points in this article are properly followed, it will become easier to earn as an artist.

Main Questions Referred to Music Monetization

Music monetization is crucial to becoming an accomplished musician. Though it isn’t an indispensable aspect of your musical career, you will earn money to fund your passion. Songwriting, time spent in the studio or even hearing your debut single is more thrilling than learning how to earn from your tracks.

Music monetization approaches have advanced similarly to music genres. Before the advent of online track distribution, musicians sold CDs and other physical music formats. It is necessary to know how to earn from your songs.

Music monetization

Revenue generation occurs in various industries. You may have known how to make money on social media and videos. Music monetization refers to how you can generate revenue from the digital format of your tracks. However, it may be a bit complicated. You should receive royalties from the monetization or sale of your songs.


For instance, you will receive music rights royalties for your track chosen for a movie’s outro. Royalties paid to musicians are grouped into two different copyrights.

  • Composition copyrights: The writer of a song’s lyrics and composer of its melody receives a royalty for the contribution.
  • Sound recording copyrights: A recording musician and the record label receive this royalty.

Is streaming linked to music monetization?

Music streaming services across the globe grew experienced a growth of 95 million subscribers from 2019’s first quarter to Q1, 2020. Though the music industry benefitted from the boost in streaming, most artists didn’t. Musicians only earn royalties for their songs on streaming platforms. However, these platforms make a profit from subscribers and advertisers.

Methods of monetizing your music

You can earn from your song via the following approaches:

  • Distribution platforms: These services can distribute your songs to streaming platforms and collect royalties from them. Streaming services expose your tracks and make them accessible to the audience. Distribution platforms can help promote your music, giving you a wider reach. Though you pay to use some platforms, you can opt for the free ones.
  • Sale of digital downloads: Artists receive payment directly when users download their tracks uploaded on a community website. Such channels expose your music to fans eager to listen to new releases. You can start your music monetization from these sites. Selling downloads of your songs on your music site will also fetch you some money.
  • Music licensing services: Selling your track’s license can generate profit. Music licensing authorizes other parties like advertisers and movie producers to use your track at a cost. However, a company may require exclusive rights to a track, preventing its use by another party. It is best to research the services before you license out your music.

Additional sources of income for musicians

Besides music sales, you can earn from live-streaming music concerts. You can even organize a virtual musical event to entertain your audience. Creating online courses will help people struggling to master musical skills. You can also offer virtual music coaching sessions. Besides, you can sell other items on your music site. Customize anything that your fans fancy and offer it to them. They will support your music via the brand merch.

Monetizing your music’s digital format is profitable. It makes your tracks available to more people. Besides, you will experience easy connection with fans just like in concerts.