In today’s over-competitive market, no one can have or even expect a fair fight if they don’t look at advertising as a huge aspect. It is simply something of a must, but the strategies and marketing campaigns differ a lot and are far from similar for different types of business.

On the other hand, advertising today is much easier than just a few decades ago, as most of it is based online, but even here, there are so many options. The biggest decision a business owner has to make is about choosing the right platform, which brings us to Spotify and whether it’s possible to advertise here.

Why consider Spotify?

As we have already mentioned, almost any type of advertising is good for you, and an even more important fact is that doing so and achieving your business goals has never been easier. The biggest reason why that’s the case is about accessibility, as today, all that ones need to do to get recognized is to create an ad, and voila, at least a few thousand people will see it.

On the other hand, how much traffic the ad would lead to and how efficient it will be, depend solely on the ad and how much effort you have placed into creating one. Yes, there are many aspects to consider here, and doing research is only the beginning, but even the best ad ever will not be efficient if it doesn’t reach the right audience, and that’s precisely where Spotify steps in.


Namely, this is a music, video, and podcast platform, and we all know how there isn’t much dispute over people’s taste in these three segments. That is why Spotify can be an extraordinary place where you can reach people from different spheres but still reach the desired target audience. All these things make Spotify one of the best platforms to use to advertise your business. Of course, other factors, like determining goals, creating a budget, doing research, learning more about the target audience, etc., are equally important, but the type of platform to launch your ad can also contribute to the overall marketing result.

Creating the account is necessary

Although it seems logical for many people who spend a lot of time on various platforms on social media, we need to mention that the first step in advertising on Spotify is creating an account. Of course, once we create an account, it makes us visible to other people, and we can explore all the content Spotify offers, which means we are ready to create our advertisement and share it with our audience.

Creating an account is very easy and does not differ from creating it on any other social media platform, so if you are already a Facebook or Instagram user, it will not be difficult to create an account on Spotify. Fill in the required fields with the necessary information, create a new account, and you are ready to enjoy. The best thing is that the Spotify account is free, so there is no need to worry about the money when creating it.

Think about the budget


Years before, advertising on Spotify was reserved only for big companies that could set aside more than $250,000 for their campaign, but things are much different now. The owners of this amazing platform realized that each of their users is important to them, no matter how much money they can pay for advertising, so they lowered the price to $250 and made advertising much more available to every person.

Of course, the price varies depending on many factors, such as how long the advertising will be active, how many times a day it will be shown, and many others.

Hire a professional

Sometimes being heard on Spotify is not easy, especially for new users who are still not sure what to do and how to attract an audience to listen to their song. It can be pretty discouraging and stressful for them when no matter how good the song is, it cannot find its listeners, but luckily, there is a solution for that.

Hiring a professional can help new users to reach their audience and grow the community around them without too much effort. Of course, it is important to find someone who really can help you and know what they do, and if you do not know where to start, visit

Set precise goals


Digital marketing is a complex yet pretty simple thing, depending on how you look at it. Some people are focused more on reaching as many people as possible, which is always preferable, but a much more effective and less costly way is to find the precise group of people who would be interested in the services/products you are offering. Now, this is just one small piece of a much bigger marketing puzzle, as organizing and adjusting ads depends on the goals you have.

It basically means that everything else, from the target audience to the end result of the marketing campaign, depends solely on that. Some businesses use different approaches to get to the people, while some focus on specific and proven ways, but Spotify is best for both groups as it offers unique campaign suggestions and, what’s even more important, tips and guidelines on how to get the most out of you marketing campaign.

The stats support these claims, and if you focus on them, you’ll see how much more successful these campaigns are on Spotify than on other platforms.

Think about the audience

Spotify is a huge network with various users, and it is most likely that not all of them will like your ad, so it is crucial to think about it and choose the targeted audience before posting. It is not easy and requires detailed research, but once you realize which people will like your ad the most, you will be able to use tools and present it only to them.


Finding the targeted audience can be based on different factors such as where they live, what they like to listen to, and their listening habits, and it is important to pay attention to each of them.