If you are someone who depends on costumers, then you should always be looking for new marketing solutions and techniques. That can look very difficult and boring, but it is the crucial point of your successful work. Your knowledge needs to be up-to-date if you want the results, and one of the fresh and new things are sales funnels. If you don’t have an idea of what that means, but you need help with your marketing strategy, you are in the right place. In this text, we will write about sales funnels, and everything you should know before you start creating one, and if it is not enough for you, this website can offer you more.

The first question that we should answer is, what are sales funnels exactly? Maybe the easiest way to explain them is to say that they represent every step in someone’s decision to become your customer. That means that the first step may be passing by your store and deciding to come in. You will see that some people will decide to go in, and some of them not, or as it is better to say, some percentage of them are getting in, and some not.

After this step, we are going to the next one, and it is shopping. While looking at products, some percentage is deciding to buy something, and some are not. The last step leads us to a cash point, and that means that our store made a success. Every business is going through the same process, and when we are talking about sales funnels, they should exist as a retail store, sales team, website, email, and personal consultation. It is crucial to know that you can use every marketing channel as a part of your sales funnel.

Creating one of those funnels can help you a lot, and it is crucial to know how it works. The best example is a quite simple one: someone sees the offer on your website, and fill the form on it. After that, you send him/her a special offer via email, phone, or text, and he/she is becoming your customer. Sounds easy, but it is the best example for you to understand the principle of sales funnels.

There are four stages of every sale funnel, and it is easy to remember by remembering the acronym AIDA which stands for Awareness, Interest, Decision, and Action. As you see, this is a representation of your client mindset and expected behavior.

Now, since you know more about them, here are some advice on how to make sales funnels, and how to have the best from them:

1. The analyze of future customer behavior


The crucial thing about your audience is to know them well and to be sure who is your potential customer. That will help you to target your future customers and to marketing only those who are interested in your products. That will save you time. There are many programs for tracking customer behavior on your site, and you can use them to see what is the most interesting on your website.

2. Get the attention from the audience


When you finish analyzing, the next step is to use the results to make your business better. That means that you should find the content your audience likes and put it on your website. It is the best way to get their attention and to be sure that they will spend some time on your site. Putting some ads maybe isn’t cheap, but it can be very effective.

3. Creating a Landing page


Every one of your ads displayed on your page must lead your customer somewhere. That means that you need to link a landing page that will be interesting to them. The exemplary landing page is the one with some special offer that no one wants to miss. It is crucial to have a call for action, and to tell your customers exactly what they should do, no matter if they are downloading something, or watch some instructions.

4. Email campaign


Once you find the perfect audience, the next step is an email campaign. It is crucial to send emails frequently, but not too often, since you can easily finish in the spam folder. Your emails should be interesting and contain some excellent actions that can get customer attention. Make some offer that is very hard to decline, and always check if you are sending emails to the right addresses.

5. Show some care for your customers


Try to stay in touch with your old customers instead of focusing only on new ones. That can be very important since people usually like buying the product from the seller they already know and checked. That means that old customers are significant as the new ones, so try not to forget about them.

After creating the sales funnel, you should measure its success. An ideal way for that is to measure your conversion rates and to take care of every step of the sales funnel. The important thing is the optimization of your funnel since you can only assume what your customers want but never be sure. And if you are wrong, that can be very harmful to your job. To avoid this, put ads smart, and make a good landing page. By checking the results frequently, you can see what your customers want, and what you should offer to them. Check if your customers are getting back, or referring your site to friends, that can be a good indicator that your sales funnel is successful.

Creating a sales funnel is not an easy job, but once it is done well, your business is going to blossom. It is quite hard to run a business today, but with a good marketing strategy, you can stand out from the competition. Try not to rush, and do those things carefully, and if you do everything right, there is no need to worry about the success.