It is of utmost importance when a new person joins the company. It means that the team is growing and the company is becoming better than it was before. After a new employee joins the company, he needs to be introduced to everything the company deals with, but also to be given adequate training so that he can start working. Do you want to see your new employee become productive at work in no time?

Then don’t wait too long to start training them. Today, employers are finding that they can increase productivity and reduce costs by investing in their workforce through onboarding processes with the help of tutorial videos. One way of increasing efficiency and decreasing administrative costs is through providing effective onboarding programs, and this is made possible by the onboarding tutorial videos.

By the beginning of 2024, over 5 million businesses from all over the world will be using tutorial videos for the purpose of creating or improving onboarding programs, but also for improving the skills of workers in the company.

These programs come in various forms and cover a wide variety of topics, but usually include basic information such as company policy, salary and benefits, and other important details, but such videos can also be an excellent guide through certain skills that the employee needs to have them. As we continue moving into the future, companies will increasingly turn to such tutorials in the form of recorded content through which they will ensure they’re able to provide adequate training to their staff.

Tutorial videos allow organizations to track individual performance, promote knowledge sharing, foster collaboration, and improve communication between employees and supervisors. Companies can also monitor activities, identify gaps and address weaknesses before they turn into problems, and tutorial videos help in all that. But have you ever wondered how to make a video like this?

HR persons are usually responsible for the training, who are in charge of providing sufficiently good training that will be well organized and interesting to follow. For that, you will need a tutorial video that will keep everyone’s attention. And find out how to create it in the continuation of today’s article.


Step 1. Write down what you want to say and how you would like people to react. It is important to know what it is that you want to convey to them. Will it be some professional techniques that will help them in their work, or will you simply make some kind of motivational video that will help them organize their work time? What kind of mood do you want them to have? It’s up to you, but keep in mind that the entire video should be interesting and useful.

Step 2. Pick out some pictures that represent part of the video, that is, they will explain steps, ways, etc. Feel free to use any image you like. If you don’t feel confident enough picking images then simply make sure you pick different images that will reflect part of what you are training the employees for. It is important to choose the right content that will be part of the video.

Step 3. Adequate text in the video is also an important part that you should pay attention to. It is important to compose a text that will go step by step and will help the viewer, that is, your employee to remember things, the information he reads will be useful, etc. It is important that things are clearly stated, that they are short and that they are followed by a speech on your part, with which you will further explain the process that you are teaching to the employees.

Step 4. Now comes the fun part. Start recording yourself or recording the screen on which useful information will go. Free screen recording applications can be useful for recording the screen so that you can speak, have text on the screen, images, and animations, and it will be easiest if you do it with the help of a presentation.

Talking about the different pictures you chose above, about the text and everything you prepared together with the screen recording, but also yourself will help the employees to understand things, to be absorbed in what they see, and to train well for what they are learning. Don’t worry about getting everything right at first, I will edit out the mistakes later! Just talk about what’s going on in each scene.


Step 5. In order for the video to be well done, if you think, add music that will help to keep the attention of the employees. You know, tutorials can be longer than 10 minutes, and you need to make sure that they are as interesting as possible and acceptable for employees to follow, so we recommend that you add some quiet but interesting music.

Step 6. After you finish recording, you now have a video file that is ready to upload to YouTube, to another platform, or simply send it to them via email or via one of the video transfer platforms. Before sending it, make sure that there is no need for any editing of the video. Editing can help you bring your video to perfection, so keep in mind that you can edit your video if you want 100% attention from your colleagues or employees.

In the business world, it is very important to work on the knowledge of the workers because in them lies the strength, in them is the capacity, and only if you invest in their knowledge and capacity, things will be better in the company, and thus the results will improve or else they will increase even more.

It is very important to achieve the goal that you had for this training, so go through these steps and make sure that you have gone through each one well and that you have represented everything in the video. Make sure you create a tutorial that will help your employees become familiar with what you are teaching them so that you have better employees who will deliver great results every day, making the company even more successful than before.