The sales game changes constantly because of the advancement of technology. These days, you can even make money while you’re asleep. So, if you’re not taking this advantage, yet, make sure to start as soon as possible.

It’s never too late to use technology to improve your sales and business efficiency. To level up your marketing, all you need is to be aware of the trends and learn how to use the current tools.

No matter what your marketing strategies are, whether you focus on email marketing or online marketing, below are some of the ways on how you can improve your sales using technology:

Take Advantage Of The Web’s Power

When you’re running an online business, your clients can’t possibly make physical visits. For this reason, you need to take advantage of the Internet’s power to ensure a smart and simple communication. For a better communication experience for your customers, visit this site to get a reliable auto-dialing platform for your business.

To make the most of the web, consider creating a user-friendly and easy to use the website. Also, ensure that you have the flexibility and proper speed. If possible, show visible contact details and always aim to provide remarkable customer service by providing email and phone numbers for your company’s help center.

Offer Free Wi-Fi

You don’t need to put up your own coffee shop or café to offer free Wi-Fi. Regardless of your business niche, providing this kind of service may encourage your potential clients to stay longer and come to your store more often.

Even if some of them don’t always purchase your products, offering free Wi-Fi may still help you gain more foot traffic, which increases the chance of getting potential customers to be more familiar with your brand and offerings.

Improve Social Media Presence


Keep in mind that a lot of people love sharing what they purchase on social media, and their friends or followers may also be encouraged to transact with your business. This is especially true if your service is great and your customer left a positive review. Thus, one of the ways to improve your sales using technology is to boost your social media presence.

The best thing about enhancing your social media presence and engagement is that you don’t need to invest a huge sum of money. Social media platforms enable users to create profiles for free. Depending on how effective your content is, you’ll be able to create a big customer base in the long run.

Boost Your Mobile Options

At present, most online shopping transactions are done on mobile devices–from renewing memberships and reloading gift cards to making easy and quick payments. Because of this, enabling mobile payments for your business can increase your sales by encouraging spur-of-the-moment purchases.

It can also help you streamline your payment process and simplify your billing and invoice system. To avoid inconvenience, just make sure to train your employees to use such systems.

Accept Pre-Authorized Debits

One of the sales-changing technologies is pre-authorized debits (PADs). This electronic payment method enables you to directly withdraw the sum of money for goods or services from a customer’s bank account.

Accepting PAD payments can improve your sales tremendously because customers can now order all the items they want and pay on agreed terms. And because this payment transaction is pre-authorized, your business and the customer can agree to schedule recurring payments or process variable payment amounts.

In addition, many customers agree to automatic payments for products they purchase or services they avail of to avoid late fees. On the other hand, PAD enables business owners to reduce the tedious task of chasing customers. Hence, accepting PADs can also enhance customer-business relationships for long-term sales and revenues.

If you decide to accept electronic payments, it’s important to know how to accept pre-authorized debits (PADs). First, you need to create an account with a pre-authorized debit processor, either through a bank or a third-party, such as Rotessa.

Signing up with a third-party PAD processor offers several advantages to small businesses. You can take advantage of the API solutions of a third-party PAD processor and not have to worry about paying extra fees. When your PAD processor account is ready, you can set up automatic payments.

Automate Emails


While any CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software may be able to do this, a lot of businesses want to use standalone software for automating emails. Such software may be used for sending newsletters to your mailing lists and automate follow-ups. You may also make a sequence of emails that you can send to your prospects, turning them to clients.

Those programs may also help you collect data that may be used for making changes to the email sequences, allowing you to have a sequence that provides the highest ROI. With email marketing that offers a good return on investment, choosing software that offers email automation features is never a bad investment. All you have to do is to pick the right one for your needs.

Virtual Proposal Or Virtual Learning

Salespeople these days don’t need to wait for in-person meetings to make an important presentation. With the use of cloud-based programs, salespeople can make short presentations for their clients to watch during their most convenient time.

Imagine convincing a big company to give you their contract, but you can’t get meetings with the decision-maker. To get more information, you may create a short video discussing how unique your services are and include helpful information that makes the client want to talk or meet with you.

Use AI To Understand Your Customers Better


AI (Artificial Intelligence) continues to embed itself in people’s lives and is expected to make the future more powerful. As a matter of fact, AI is set to power over 95% of customer interactions by 2025. Moreover, it’s projected that businesses that embrace AI technology may increase productivity and allow people to be more efficient in time management.

But what’s the connection of AI to improving your sales?

  • Generate new leads: AI can be a good way to generate new leads, provide improved customer experience, and understand your customers. More often than not, most of your customers will leave your online store if the items you’re displaying aren’t relevant.

Through the use of AI, your business may improve the search results for all of your customers. With this, it can help customers to discover complementary products or find matching products.

  • Predictive content: AI also provides predictive content, which can offer your customers with content that’s based on their preferences, interests, and browsing history. You may also make personalized marketing experiences for your audience.

In a research made by PointSource, 34% of the shoppers transact more and most of the shop more often using AI technology.

  • Get accurate data: You may also generate more sales-worthy leads by getting accurate data. This can help you make well-informed and better decisions.

Because of this, some businesses have already started using machine learning and AI to make informed and crucial decisions.

  • Reduce cost and call time: Using AI, it’s also possible to boost your leads while reducing cost and call time. It allows your sales representative to spend a lot of time on closing deals. With AI, your marketing and sales team may drive more revenues.
  • Message your customers: If you have CRM, integrating AI enables you to message your customers using the right platform at the right time. Your CRM system may then answer the customer questions, solve issues, and determine lead generation opportunities.
  • Multi-channel personalization: AI also enables multi-channel personalization. This determines every customer touchpoint with your business and analyzes such interactions. Then, it provides your customers with a seamless and unified view of experiences across the platforms.
  • Chatbot: Another AI innovation is a chatbot, which helps retailers with essential responsibilities. Chatbots may automate order processes and provide customer service. They may also be integrated with your shopping carts.

One of the advantages of chatbots is it provides instant responses and 24-hour service. They also provide on-demand and real-time experiences to customers.

Take Advantage of Interactive Visualization of Products


There are many reasons why people are afraid to buy products like furniture and clothes online. One of these is that they don’t know whether they’ll be a great fit for it.

In the past, most people relied on word of mouth, ads, and professional and reliable reviews before purchasing any kind of product in the market. These days, some of them visit the local store before they decide to purchase online. The reason behind it is that they want to feel, see, and touch the product before buying one.

Through product visualization, your business may create more memorable experiences for customers without them visiting a physical store. Hence, retailers should transform their website into a sort of showroom, so customers can test, try, and see products before they buy them.

Generally, product visualization is an art of using renderings, artwork, and images to visually communicate products to the target audience. With the use of a visual product configuration program, it enables businesses to communicate products to their customers through their websites.

Product visualization interacts drives emotions and engages customers. The color combination and interactive visuals influence the customers to make a purchase.

When it comes to product visualization, there are various options you can choose from, including the following:

  • 3D Modeling: It enables you to change the product’s face. It has amazing and advanced features that provide consumers an authentic feel of the products.

To cover various angles of the products, using high resolution is necessary. This way, it enables customers to get a clear view of what they may zoom out or in for clarity. Using 3D images on suitable backgrounds for catalogs or when promoting items on websites is also a good idea since some customers prefer an interactive 3D view.

  • 360-Degree Product View: It provides customers with several rotating images that give them a real-life feel of the products. With this product visualization method, the image captures all angles of a certain product.

With visually interactive images, it places your product in a real-life environment, which shows the product in different styles with various backgrounds. Customers may also change the shape, color, and lighting for a better view of the products. Moreover, customers may insert some elements in the background to check if the item is perfect for their requirements or not.

So, make sure to let your sales team use technology like product visualization. It may come in handy to improve your sales as more customers prefer transacting with businesses that offer interactive images of their offerings.

Use Convenient Delivery And Checkout Technology


Every customer wants nothing but convenience. This is why some customers abandon their online carts because of a complicated or long checkout process. Fortunately, such issues may be sorted with the use of the right technology. If you improve your checkout process, your company may gain more in terms of conversion rates.

You can maximize purchase opportunities through the following:

  • Use some form fields. If fields aren’t necessary, get rid of them. Only ask details that you’ll require to complete your customer’s transaction.
  • Make sure all checkout pages of your business are secure so your customers will feel safe entering their credit card details. It’s best to display security badges that you’re using to protect your customers.
  • Label the checkout buttons clearly. Include them at the bottom and top of the page so your customers may access and see them with ease.
  • See to it that customers may shop quickly on their mobile devices. Having an easy and mobile-friendly website results in an increased profit and more sales.
  • Offer checkout options for your guests as not everyone who visits your website likes to make a customer profile. Although this information is important for offering more personalized experiences and segmentation, it’d be best if you didn’t force those who aren’t willing to provide their information.

Consumers also prefer fast deliveries or same-day deliveries. Some also prefer if a business delivers within several hours only. So, other than streamlining your checkout process, make sure to incorporate a delivery technology.

Use HRM Software To Create A Perfect Sales Team


One of the things that you must consider to boost your sales is to build a perfect sales team. Whatever your marketing strategy or product is, you can never reach your goal without having a dedicated team. But how does technology help you build this kind of team in a proper way?

The process begins with automating your hiring. Find HRM software that can help you create your complete recruiting model, including job announcements, job descriptions, setting up questionnaires, receiving apps, personalized communications, and other things you need.

The right HRM software allows you to not just automate your hiring process, but it can also do everything for you. From managing unlimited employee profiles, attendance, designations, departments, leave management, reporting, and time management of working hours, your HRM software can help you hire and manage your employees in a convenient manner.

A great sales team combined with business technology gives you the assurance that you’ll boost your sales in no time. Another way of using technology is to use sales enablement tools. You can click here to learn more:

Bottom Line


Improving your sales may be a challenging task, especially if you haven’t thought of incorporating technology into your business.

One of the best things about using technology is that it won’t only help you boost your sales, but it can also take your customer shopping experience to a whole new level.

With exceptional and convenient customer experience, it may result in more profits, sales, and greater ROI. To get the best possible results, just make sure to stay updated with the latest technological trends and opportunities.