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No matter the kind of service you product you offer, if your website isn’t attractive enough or easy to use, you will have a problem. Your website is the primary link that connects your business to your customers.

If you are a baker, you want to have pictures of your confectionaries on your website and information related to why people should buy your products. The pictures should have the ability to make people drool when they visit your site. If you provide banking services, people should be able to find the information they need off your website effortlessly.

Essentially, your website should be easy to navigate. But how do you create a user-friendly one?

Leveraging Users’ Feedback

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According to a recent report, 46% of visitors say they gauge the credibility of a company by its design, color scheme, font size, layout, and the ease of site navigation.

As you can see, the report indicates most people like or hate when it’s based on visual features. They love visually appealing websites with fonts that make it easy to read the content. In fact, the visual appeals of many social media sites like Instagram are what make them so popular.

As such, take users’ feedback and use the information to redesign it for the better. Use the visual features of color, fonts, layout, and web designs to make a website people will love to use.

Questions to Help you Build a Great Website

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Ask yourself the following questions:

What design would work best for the optimal achievement of your business aim? What colors would be most appealing to your visitors? Should you employ the use of graphics or pictures? Should we follow just one kind of device compatibility? Should there be constant changes?

If all these questions sound confusing to you, read a book about creating websites. Use a resource tool like to find the best-rated eBooks on how to create successful ones for businesses and learn from them.

After that, use a web-builder like WordPress to create your site or hire a professional to do the job for you. If you choose to build your website, use the visual features we mentioned above to guide you in the process. According to Project Local Downunder this step by step guide will guide you in the right direction.

The 6 Visual Standards of a Good Website

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There are people whose area of expertise is design. This is not to say you cannot do it on your own, but there are professionals who can help. The services of a professional are crucial because your website has to hit certain standards so as to inspire trust in your visitors.

These standards are design, color, pictures or graphics, usability, and consistency. You have to hit the right notes on any of these standards. Apart from the standards, there is a need to evaluate your visitors’ feedback regarding their use of the website so as to carry out any necessary upgrades.

Design and Colour

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This might be the most crucial detail to pay attention to if you want to be visually appealing. This is because your colors and how they are designed into a website would have the power to capture the attention of your visitor and hold it. Colour and design have such a powerful hold that a visitor not even aware would already be interested in your website from a first visit.

This lack of awareness on the part of the visitor usually happens in your subconscious. Although your conscious self might just think you are passing through, your subconscious has already processed a great looking website and approves. The use of one color isn’t appealing to most people either is the use of many. The use of a clear color scheme is best.

Pictures and Graphics

Just lifting pictures of the internet for use on your website isn’t appealing anymore. You can either take your pictures yourself or hire a photographer to take some great pictures for you. It is best to take real pictures as they help in instilling confidence in your visitors.

Opening a website as a visitor and seeing only stock photos raises suspicion as to the genuineness of your website. Real pictures were taken even make it easier for designers to work. It is easier for them to create the right kind of quality and editing they need to make visually appealing.


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No one loves a website that keeps crashing. People prefer simple, beautifully crafted and easy to use it. When a visitor logs into your site, the first page should be able to tell them what you care about, and any other additional information they need from you should be easily accessible through a help desk feature or a clearly stated or depicted search button at the top of the page.

The menu which organizes your pages should place important things first. The crucial thing towards making it more visually appealing as regards usability is a simple layout that is easy to use and easy to read.


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Depending on what your business is about, it might make creative sense to switch designs with every page clicked. As much as this might make sense, most visitors refer to a consistent design that enables them to focus on the message which you are passing across.

This is important because it has been found that it takes just 7 seconds for a visitor to decide if your website would be too much effort. If the answer is in the affirmative, they will walk away and not consider revisiting. Be consistent in with your design as this would help you have repeat visitors.

Virtually appealing websites are an important tool for every business. Even if your business relates only to the sharing of information, that is ‘hard on the eyes’ would have most visitors turning away. Having them turn away from your website would have a negative impact on your business.

To Conclude

Consider using the four standards highlighted above to help you make a professional website that could, in turn, boost traffic and convert prospects into customers.