Lanyards have virtually no end to their uses. Whether it’s for holding photo IDs, event credentials or membership IDs, they can be custom designed to make them work for your businesses needs.

Start creating your perfect lanyard by choosing the perfect colour, material and thickness. Then decide on the artwork you want to include, followed by optional accessories and finishing options.

Build your own lanyards


Make completely custom lanyards at sites such as by using following these clean steps:

  • Choose your lanyard cloth and style.
  • Select your lanyard cloth shade and imprint colour.
  • Choose your hook, keychain or badge holder attachment.
  • Upload your Logo Or describe your layout idea.

Lanyard design starts with the proper product

The first step to creating custom lanyards is selecting the proper material and elegance. you’ll choose between a spread of sizes and designs of neck-straps. If you aren’t sure exactly which lanyard design will best fit your needs, browse these collections to assist guide your decision:

Choose the Right Printing Option

Silk Screen. One of the most popular lanyard choices for companies wanting to display simple text and logos. It’s an affordable, quick and effective way to advertise at events. The flat polyester and ribbed texture is durable, comfortable and can be fully customised. These lanyards can be produced either through silk-screen printing or litho printing, allowing the printing of many colours and logos which will not ‘run-off’. A budget-friendly option that will stand the test of time and won’t fade, even after being in the washing machine!

Full Colour. If you want a lanyard with a sophisticated design, this is the best choice. It’s made from sturdy yet smooth polyester with a shiny finish using a dye sublimation printing method. It will not fade either! Double-sided printing is possible, and there is no end to the types of designs you can use. This is thanks to the fact that so many different types of colours can be printed. Thanks to this lanyards affordability and value for money, it’s one of our biggest sellers.

Woven. For woven lanyards, the design is incorporated into the jacquard fabric rather than through dying or printing. Because of this, the logo remains there forever. However, only two colours can be printed onto a single coloured background. Two-sided printing is possible but depends on the logo. This is a professional option that stands the test of time.

Choose the Right Attachments


There are four main options available when choosing how to attach an ID card to a lanyard.

  1. Bulldog Clip. An easy to use a non-swivel attachment.
  2. Metal Swivel Hook. Keep an ID badge facing forward at all times.
  3. Split Ring. Can be used alongside a strap clip.
  4. Swivel Badge Clip. Similar to a swivel hook. Keeps a badge facing forward.

All of our lanyards come with a metal trigger clip and safety break as standard. The safety break is commonly placed at the back of the neck, but this can be changed based on personal preference. Safety breaks can also be removed from a quote to make the price more affordable.

Choose the Right Material

Nylon. More expensive than flat polyester but helps create a lanyard with the ‘wow factor’. The final finish is bright and will help your logo stand out. The silky smooth finish also supports this, which is incredibly durable and high quality. These lanyards are made from strong flat weave nylon with a smooth ribbed appearance and gloss finish using a silk-screen or litho printing method.

Polyester. Polyester is loosely stitched and formed into a tube. It can then be screen printed with any message or logo. Choose from either a bootlace or shoelace style. Unlike other lanyards, this type of fabric is stretchy and so can distort the logo, so isn’t suitable for certain applications. However, it is robust and won’t aggravate the skin.

Bamboo or PET. These materials are eco-friendly so good for organisations needing an environmentally friendly option. PET is made from recycled plastic bottles whereas bamboo is a natural plant-based material not dissimilar to the feel of cotton. Both materials can be screen printed, just like other types of lanyards.

Choose the Right Format

Double Ended. Double-ended lanyards are useful for conferences where participants struggle to keep their ID badge facing one way. Double-ended lanyards rectify this issue by using a clip at each end. These are then fixed to the corners of the cord rather than the centre of it. At only a few pence more, it is worth it in our opinion.

Specialist. If you’re looking beside a standard lanyard to hold an ID card, we offer several different options. These include things like reflective ‘hi-viz’ lanyards, glow in the dark lanyards, lanyards for USB sticks, multi-coloured cord lanyards and even lanyards featuring wine glass holders!

Retractable. This type of lanyard has a badge reel sewn into one end. This can be used as an extendable feature that holds an item like a keycard. This allows quicker entry and removes the need to remove anything.

Complete your product with custom attachments


Mix and match attachment and lanyard features when ordering to customize your lanyard design to fit your needs! We offer recommendations on selecting attachments and clips in our attachment guide. This resource shows detailed images of the attachments available and thus the benefits each possesses to supply.

Finally, add a logo or design to form these yours. If you’ve got artwork prepared, you’ll upload your design during the ordering process. If you do not have artwork or need assistance, simply describe your design idea and upload any relevant image files.

Our trained graphic designers are able to assist you to create the lanyards you’ve got in mind. All orders receive a free virtual proof; you’re under no obligation to order until your proof has been approved.

Browse our huge selection of customizable lanyards and make your own lanyards today! you’re getting to love the design and feel of completely customized lanyards for your business or organization.