In the near future, crypto is going nowhere. It is the most sought-after currency, and thousands of people daily invest in various platforms to increase their money. They spend a lot of time out of their daily life just so that they could have a good passive income in the future. Instead of staying in one place and working a 9-7, people prefer to take the risk and invest in crypto.

While going through their content, people sometimes forget that what this content shows doesn’t always mean success. Even though many people invest in crypto, there are still many people who refrain from investing no matter how exciting it is. The primary reason for the same is how volatile it is and how much money could be lost in a moment. Nowadays, many YouTube channels and websites claim to help you in investing as you go through them, like

To minimize the impact of volatility of crypto, people look for ways other than investing to earn cryptocurrencies. Nowadays, there are various ways to earn cryptocurrencies, such as cloud mining, affiliate programs, working for a crypto company, and now even through gaming. With the growing favoritism of crypto, various business transactions and even games use crypto.

What Type Of Games?

These games are usually called play-to-earn games. They don’t have a particular type meaning the type of the game does not stick to a specific genre. It could be a matching game, a space game, or a fighting game with bonus levels. It all comes down to how the programmer programmed the game and how the blockchain is applied.


For example, you could play the game to earn the game’s currency and use it to buy material in the game, and the bonuses received could be any cryptocurrency. Though this is just an example, how blockchain the programmer applies to the game can differentiate how rewards the gamer receives in every game. Search games also include an affiliate program where you can invite other people and receive rewards when they join or buy anything from the game’s shop.

Playing such games, in the beginning, is similar to how you play regular games. It differs when you start understanding how the rewards are received. Even though these games have excellent schemes and planning for high traffic, they provide very little crypto. Therefore to collect a significant amount of crypto, you need to play these games for a long time.

Do You Need To Invest?

Investment differs from game to game and developer to developer. Initially, such games do not need investment. The only thing that you would need to buy in the game would be in-game supplies. Other than that, for cryptos, money is not needed.

While you don’t need to invest money in these games to earn crypto to play these games, you would need in-game supplies. Initially, there might be unlimited sources of these in-game supplies, but their amount could gradually decrease as the game proceeds. It could lead to shortages and ultimately lead to failing to complete the tasks.

In the end, this leads to not being able to earn crypto as a form of bonus inside the game. Therefore you might not need to invest in crypto directly but indirectly buy things inside the game.

Advantages Of Crypto Games


When people first get to know about these games, they have various doubts. Whether the game is too complicated or requires a high amount of money to buy things in the game, or you need to invite a lot of people. Well, there is a type of game with a set of different features but also disadvantages. These disadvantages include a high number of ads, the need to buy different types of equipment in the game, and constant reminders to invite friends.

Those were the few disadvantages that many people complained of and are most well-known. But do we know the advantages of these games? If something has disadvantages, then it would also have advantages. A few advantages are listed below to understand how these games work and how these games could be beneficial for people.

 Faster Transactions

When making online transactions on crypto games is way faster than the online payment methods. The reason for the same is that for exchanges using crypto, no third party monitors the flow of crypto. Crypto has the base of blockchain; it helps even the game owners to process nano-payments to sell their software anywhere in the world.


It is well known that crypto has a base of blockchain. Blockchain is one of the safest and most secure platforms available for anyone.


It is nearly impossible to hack blockchain and take important information relating to people. With the help of blockchain, one is secured from any illegal trading of their assets.

Lower Transaction Fees

When making transactions with the help of cryptocurrency, it is usually seen that the transaction fee is lesser than the transaction with fiat money. It is so because when making crypto transactions, there are no middlemen in between for the handling and holding of the amount. Therefore all charges that go to third parties are saved, benefiting both the developer and the gamer.


When paying with the help of cryptocurrencies, players usually get good offers on these transactions. These offers could be coupon codes, cryptocurrencies, or even cashbacks. People are able to save coins for the game while saving on the transaction fees. Totaling it all gives them an excellent deal and saves a lot of money.


It might be the first time people would have heard of cryptogams, but that does not mean they have not been present for long. Many people around the world play these games, and with constant effort over time, they have owned a good amount of cryptocurrency.


To get a better idea, it is up to you whether you would prefer this method over trading where there is an impact of volatility crypto.