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There is absolutely no doubt that the video game industry is one of the most popular entertainment industries. People have been buying these for decades now, and it seems that this trend isn’t going to stop. Who doesn’t love playing these in their leisure time?

There are literally thousands of popular games that you can choose between, across multiple genres. Some of these are so liked that you have probably played them at least once in your life. In this article, we have gathered a list of the highest-grossing ones of all time. Some of these are considered to be classic ones, while others are more modern. However, they all have one thing in common – people around the world adore them.

1. Tetris

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Is there a single person that doesn’t love Tetris? Ever since it was released in 1984 it has been on the top of the charts having sold over 170 million copies. This tile-matching game was created by engineer Alexey Pajitnov. Actually, it is the first game that was exported from the Soviet Union to the USA.

Over the years, it was adapted for multiple devices, everything from Commodore 64 to Android and iOS systems. What’s interesting is the fact that according to numerous studies, Tetris can be very beneficial for the users. How? Well, there is a study that indicates that playing Tetris for 30 minutes every day can improve one’s brain activity as well as processing skills, even language and reasoning.

2. Super Mario Bros

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This is another classic game that was so incredibly popular during the 1990s. It is one of the multiple designs that are part of the Super Mario franchise. It was originally released in 1985 in Japan and North America and in 1987 in Europe.

In this installment, one can choose between Mario and his brother Luigi and go on an adventure to save Princess Toadstool from Bowser. While on the journey through the Magic Kingdom, there are multiple obstacles and enemies that they have to defeat. The only help they have is from power-ups such as Fire Flower, Starman, and Super Mushroom.

Up until today, 40 million physical copies Super Mario Bros. have been sold all around the world. Due to this, it is considered to be one of the greatest games in history.

3. Pokémon Red and Blue

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The first installment of the Pokémon franchise had two versions – Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue Version. As you can assume, it was released by Nintendo in 1996 in Japan and a few years later in other parts of the world.

In addition, the main goal is to master Pokémon battling while traveling through the Kanto region. You know – “Gotta catch ’em all”. When they first appeared, they were highly praised by critics especially for its concept of trading. Since 2009, they are the part of Guinness Book of World Records as “Best selling RPG of all time” and “Best selling RPG on the Game Boy”. The entire Pokémon series has sold over 300 million copies.

4. Wii Sports Resort

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This is another game released by Nintendo in 2009. Wii Sports Resort is the sequel of the 2006 Wii Sports. It takes players to imaginary Wuhu Island where they can choose between 12 sports. Some of them are wakeboarding, archery, basketball, bowling, canoeing, air sports, and so on.

An interesting thing about this one is that it was designed for Wii console, so in some sports like archery, the person has to hold the remote vertically. This is a feature that makes Wii Sports Resort in a way realistic which only boosts the user’s experience.

According to the latest data from 2019, Wii Sports Resort is the third top-selling game on Wii console, right after Wii Sports and Mario Kart Wii, having sold over 33 million copies.

5. Diablo III

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Diablo III is the third installment in the Diablo franchise and it hit the market in 2012 (Windows and OS X version). Even before it was officially released, it became the top pre-ordered game, and in the first 24 hours, it sold 3.5 million copies (6.3 million during the first week). By August 2015 it had sold over 30 million copies worldwide.

Just as in the two previous ones, the player gets to choose one of the characters available – Crusader, Monk, Demon Hunter, Barbarian, Witch Doctor, Wizard or Necromancer. This action role-playing video game, created by Blizzard Entertainment takes users on the hack-and-slash adventure and their goal is to defeat Lord of Terror, just like in previous installments.

6. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

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This seventh installment of the Grand Theft Auto franchise was designed by Rockstar North and released by Rockstar Games in 2004. This action-adventure game is played from a third-person perspective and the people have the chance of interacting with the environment as they wish since it is created to be an open-world concept.

The plot of it is in a state called San Andreas that consists of three cities – Las Venturas, Los Santos, and San Fierro (based on Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and San Francisco respectively). The main character is Carl CJ Johnson who returns to his hometown and tries to rebuild his old gang while trying to discover the truth regarding his mother’s murder.

When it comes to its success, by March of 2005, it had become the top-selling game for Play Station 4, and until today it has sold over 27.5 copies all around the world.

7. Minecraft

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Minecraft is probably one of the most loved ones ever. As of 2019, it was over 112 million monthly users. It was published in 2011 by the Swedish company Mojang, and in 2014 it was purchased by Microsoft. This means that it is available across multiple devices and platforms.

What makes it interesting is the fact that there isn’t an ultimate goal meaning that people have the chance to choose how they want to play it. One can choose between first-person or third-person perspective and in reality, the possibilities are endless since players can create their own world and navigate the game how they like it.

One can also opt for the multiplayer version and communicate with other gamers online. Up until now, three spinoffs have been published, and the fourth one called Minecraft Dungeons is expected to hit the market this year. The fact that over 176 million hard copies have been sold and that there are also 200 million free users from China is enough to describe how successful Minecraft is.

8. Clash of Clans

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Before concluding this article, we are going to mention one mobile strategy game – Clash of Clans. Since being released in 2012 for the iOS system, it has earned over 6.4 billion dollars becoming the highest-grossing game on Google Play.

The main protagonist is the leader and his goal is to create their own village by attacking other players and gathering assets they need. Users also have to option of associating with each other, building clans and participating in the Clan Wars. If you are interested in playing it, you can download it via LDPLAYER.