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To provide financial benefits, the UK government had introduced a great initiative for the peoples who are a financial crisis. The people with low income can avail money from here. And PIP, which stands for Personal Independence Payment, is a financial benefit provided for the persons with disability and long-time problems. But current circumstances is one of the main criteria for the eligibility of the PIP benefits.

 Best things regarding PIP

PIP, which stands for Personal Independence Payment, is a government-approved financial benefit for the peoples of an age gap between 16 to 64 to help with the cost of living or disability. Disability Living Allowances are gradually fading out, and the Personal Independence Payment is rising up. So instead of the DLA application form, new application forms of PIP must be submitted.

PIP is the amount that an individual will get, which depends on the current financial status. For this savings, National insurance contribution, earnings don’t matter. Personal Independence Payment is irrespective of all this, and one gets the money irrespective of all odds.

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Conditions and criteria that must be taken care of:

A few conditions are there that should be taken care of before applying for the PIP or Personal Independence Payment. They are:

  • A person must be between 16 to 64 of age gap
  • The person must be in need of help so that they can maintain or improve their art of living.
  •  A person must take this for at least twelve months, but there is an exception for the fact if the individual is ill.

Children under 16 years and adults above 64 years cannot apply for Personal Independence Payment. For that category of people, they can apply for the DLA that is Disability Living Allowances if they seriously need any kind of help for their daily activities or poor conditions.

Terms of PIP which you need to clear

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The department of works and pensions are in the position to decide the total amount an individual is eligible to get by seeing their conditions and after checking if they have fulfilled the conditions or not. Therefore a person is not aware of how much money the person will get and for how long he will get the money. The term of the payment will be decided by them. After reviewing the individual’s present conditions, the PIP will available or not.

PIP has two branches, one which helps with the living costs and the other with the mobility costs. The daily living costs mean to support the person by providing assistance financially, which cater to their everyday tasks. This provides funds to the people who are not able to fulfill their daily needs like preparing meals, washing, communication with other people, etc. The mobility component is meant to be the cost the person needs to get around and move around successfully. This includes moving around, planning a journey, etc.

Issues you may face

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To receive the PIP benefits, one must first claim it, and if they are facing any problem, they can contact the PIP phone number and also get assistance regarding Personal Independence Payment. Maybe some checking will be done, and one must have to provide some medical reports if they have any medical issues. Thus for application or if facing any problem, call on the PIP phone number. To know more about PIP, please visit here.