In this ever-connected world, you’re going to get phone calls from overseas. In fact, you may even need to make them yourself. International phone number tracking can make it easy to do business, work out whether you are dealing with a scammer, or keep in touch with friends & family.

Thankfully, international phone number tracking isn’t all that difficult. In fact, it is incredibly easy. On this page, we’ll tell you exactly how to track international phone numbers (we have 2 methods!), and we’ll let you know why you might want to do this.

Understanding International Phone Number Tracking

International phone number tracking is as simple as it sounds. When you get a phone call, you tap the number into the tracking system that you are using. You then find out exactly where that number is calling you from. In some cases, you can not only find out the country but the exact name and address of the caller.

International phone number tracking is now more important than ever. Communication is becoming ever more global. Many of us deal with businesses overseas, take trips abroad, etc. It is always important to know exactly who you are chatting to.

Tools and Methods For International Phone Number Tracking


There are two methods that you can use for international phone number tracking. The solution that you choose will be highly dependent on the level of tracking that you need.

Number Tracker Pro

If you need full-blown tracking of an international phone number, then Number Tracker Pro is the route to go down.

Number Tracker Pro will let you find a wealth of information about a phone number, including the name and address of the phone number and, with the permission of the phone owner, their exact live location.

This is our favorite method for tracking international phone numbers, simply due to the wealth of information that you have at your disposal. It lets you know exactly who is calling you and where from. It is especially important if you are doing business overseas, or perhaps because you think that you are dealing with a spam phone call.

International Dialing Codes

International dialing codes are the simplest method you can use for tracking a phone number. You won’t need any tool to do this (bar a list of international dialing codes), although you can’t find out much more than the country of origin for a phone call. It may be able to keep scams at bay, but that’s about it.

So, what are international dialing codes? Well, each country has a number assigned to it e.g. The United States is +1, the UK is +44, and the Philippines is +63. When you call somebody in a country when you are not located in that country, you need to put that international dialing code first.

Once you know the international dialing code that is calling you (or the international dialing code for the country that you’re calling), it is pretty simple to track the phone number.

Country-Specific Online Directories

Some countries maintain official online directories that offer phone number lookup services. These directories are often hosted by government agencies or telecommunications authorities.

To use country-specific online directories for international phone number lookup, follow these steps:

Identify the Country: Determine the country to which the phone number belongs. This step is crucial, as different countries have their own directories.

Visit the Directory Website: Access the official website of the country’s phone directory or telecommunications authority. For example:

  • In the United States, you can use online directories like Whitepages or CocoLookup for phone number lookup, or you may visit the official websites of specific telecommunications providers for limited lookup options.
  • In the United Kingdom, the BT Phone Book is a widely used directory.
  • In Canada, the Canada411 directory offers comprehensive phone number search capabilities.

Enter the Phone Number: On the directory’s website, you’ll typically find a search field where you can enter the international phone number. You may need to include relevant area codes or prefixes, depending on the country’s format.

Initiate the Search: Click the search or lookup button to initiate the search. The directory will query its database to provide information associated with the phone number.

Review the Results: The directory will return results that include details such as the owner’s name, address, and sometimes additional information. Note that the level of information provided may vary depending on the directory and the country’s privacy regulations.

Country-specific online directories are reliable for looking up phone numbers within the specified nation. They are especially useful for verifying the authenticity of international numbers and obtaining accurate contact details for individuals or businesses located in that country.

Benefits and Applications of International Phone Number Tracking


So, why would you need to track an international phone number? Well, there are a few reasons for that.

The reasons we discuss here are more suited to full-blown international phone number tracking i.e. through Number Tracker Pro, rather than benefits from simply knowing an international dialing code.

Personal Safety and Security

Did you know that most scammers are calling from outside your country? Tracking their international phone number will tell you exactly where they come from, and it’ll even let you know whether you are being called from a legitimate business. You can avoid most scams like this. This can be great for your personal safety too. If you are traveling, you can ask somebody to track your number. If they do, they can find out your live position (remember, they can only do this through Number Tracker Pro with your permission).

Business and Travel


Sometimes, it is nice to know exactly who you are dealing with on the phone. Even businesses can get scammed, and international phone number tracking will let you know whether the call you are receiving is legit.

It can also help if you are traveling internationally for business. With Number Tracker Pro, you can find out the exact address of the person calling you, which can make things a lot easier (or even make finding something as simple as a hotel easier).

Family and Friends

Some people will even use international phone number tracking to keep tabs on their friends and family when they are overseas. Full international phone number tracking can help with their safety. After all, with their permission, you’ll always know exactly where they are.


There are many reasons why you would need to locate phones globally. It could be because you want to avoid phone scams, to help with business, or to keep your friends & family members safe. We suggest that you use Number Tracker Pro for the best and most sophisticated international phone number-tracking solution.