A broken phone can hardly lift the mood, especially if you have no money for a new one. The good news is you can sell broken phone for money and even get the best price. So, instead of throwing your phone away and polluting the environment, sell it.

A broken phone could be one of those unexpected events that can turn your head spinning. Suddenly you find yourself needing money quickly and do not know where to go. Applying for money the usage of Personal Money Service could be the first idea that comes up to your mind. And it seems like a good way to go especially since little loans like 200 loans are becoming increasingly popular with borrowers who stuck for cash.

But before you even start thinking about getting a loan, give your broken phone a chance to close the best deal. The best part is that the condition of your phone doesn’t play a vital role here. Got a cracked screen or faulty LCD? It might even not turn on, still, you can sell it for money. Better yet, the price could be a nice surprise.

Typically, cell phone buyers specialize in buying broken phones for reasons. They buy, repair, and restore them back to working order.

Is My Broken Phone Worth Anything?


Let’s start from the beginning. If you are like 60 percent of phone users who stick to the standard two-year upgrade cycle, you want to close the best deal. However, when you are stuck for money, it might not be the best option to invest in a new device. Yet, the best thing is that a whole universe of cash-raising opportunities waits for you. And your broken phone offers one of those. There is real money on the line, are you in?

Phones are not cheap devices. Even if it’s broken, it might still have significant value. Cracked, smash, or broken, it could still be a great way to get the money using your phone. But before to dive in, review its condition.

Generally, there are three of those:

  • Like New;
  • Good, working, or used;
  • Faulty or Broken.

As such, the first two conditions mean that your phone has cosmetic damage. In other words, the device is fully working but comes up with things like signs of wear, scratches, dents, and the like.

The faulty or broken condition means that your device has something wrong with the functionality. Thus, if things like a smashed screen, faulty LCD display, or liquid damage, relate to the physical condition. Thus, think of the device as not fully working.

As it goes, the worse the damage, the less you will get for your phone. So, before counting the money, know the condition of your phone. A good rule of thumb is to compare options. There are a lot of buyback companies that offer you to get money using your phone. And prices might vary massively. Thus, to get the most cash when you sell a broken phone, do research first.

Other Ways to Get Money Using Your Phone


Over the years, you might end up even with a collection of old phones that you do not use. Broken or damaged, it is still worse than its value and could be a great way to get the cash you need. In fact, recycling is the other option. There is a big amount of mobile phone recycling companies that offer you to get rid of your phone in an environment-friendly way. Also, each recycling company comes with its own benefits and incentives, so you can choose the best deal for yourself.

To get money for your broken phone, send or bring it to them. Once they receive it, you will get your payment by cheque, bank transfer, or cash.

Also, you can sell your broken phone to someone for cash. To make that happen, consider using an online marketplace. When in doubt, sell to someone you already know. Finding a prospective buyer is easy by posting it on appropriate social media channels.

Why would someone buy a broken phone, you might ask? Well, there are different reasons. Sometimes, when someone has a strict budget, he is looking for ways to spend less money. And buying a broken phone in a good condition is a great way to save. Or another situation. Your phone has a raked camera. But for someone who doesn’t take pictures, it matters not. He needs a phone to use as it is, just for calls. And there are other similar situations.

Research Your Payout Options


Now that you know your options and how much you can get for your broken phone, one thing to consider is time. Do you plan to get cash on the spot as fast as possible? Or maybe you are ready to wait a week or two to get the cash you need? What about a PayPal deposit?

As you see, there are some questions that need answers. Depending on which way you go, compensation policies differ. So, before you confirm the deal, know when you can get the money for your broken phone. Sometimes even an extra minute of your time will help you earn a premium payout.

If you do not want to accept the offer, the company will return your broken phone to you. That could be done for free, while oftentimes you will pay for the return postage.

What’s NOT Accepted?


Before you sell your broken phone for money, make sure it isn’t in any of these states:

  • Reported stoles;
  • Network barred;
  • Twisted or snapped in two;
  • Fake device.

In fact, a phone with water damage or liquid ingress would be trickier to sell. Some companies won’t buy it at all while recycling companies are happy to buy it as it still works.

Finally, if you are limited for cash, you can always try to sell your broken phone for the money. Whatever option you will go through, you can get something for your trouble. If you have already had experience welling your phone for cash, share your thoughts. What do you think of the process?