That is excellent of you! You just purchased a car coverage scheme or you are about to, and you want to know about what it is? This is an explanatory site to know about it, other coverage policies, and insurance requirements before advancing to good quote comparison sites like for a best car coverage quote in your city.

Some of those things to learn when you need to get car coverage is the “car insurance policy number,” price charging rate and factors, your state’s car coverage minimum requirements, liability coverage and time you want your policy to go into effect. This simply implies a write-up contract for coverage between the insured person and the company, the write-up may be in the form of attachments, endorsements or forms.

What is a car insurance policy number?


You can imagine this as an identity card in a digit format that carries along all your important insurance information and policies. The number is a special one that is unique to you and issued to you by your car coverage providers to recognize your account from others. You can check more details on Money Expert.

It is written by your insurer on your coverage statement bill and the card issued to you by your policyholder. It is highly important and recommended to have it handy, keep it safe in your cars and home in case of unfortunate accidents, the common scenario for usage is a car accident, and if this happens, you will need it immediately. Important things to keep in mind about this matter are:

– The developing style for every car insurer is different.

– The placement of the policy number should be displayed right on the front page of your sheet.

– When you cannot locate your car insurance policy number, request it from your car coverage providers.

Where can I find my car insurance policy number?

Don’t stress yourself; It is very easy! It is just a digit referred to as policy number or by account one by some coverage company with a length within 8-10 inputs that you can easily find around the uppermost side of your ‘Schedule of Insurance’ also known as Certificate of Insurance; a very detailed document about the coverage scheme and coverage purchased by you, including the discounts that will be given to you, your car’s information, your arm’s length, and other personal information.

It should be issued to you by your coverage provider when you insured your cars with them. Sometimes it is numeric, alphabetical, or alphanumeric depending on your car insurer’s decision. Insurance Panda has a list of example auto insurance policy numbers on its website. Usually, these numbers are 10 to 15 digits in length. GEICO, for example, is simply a string of ten numeric digits, i.e. 8496286402.

Check your car insurance card; It is a small size card also known as an “insurance identification” card or “proof of coverage”. This is the easiest way to find your car coverage scheme number, as it is very easy in handling and to be on the go with compared to the Schedule of insurance document.

Depending on your car insurer’s payment method, you should be able to locate your policy number on it especially if you want to fully pay for it. But if these can’t be found, call your car insurance company straight away. Better, though, always have it secured and accessible for emergency cases, okay?

When do I need my car insurance policy number?


There are quite a few times you will need to present out the scheme number of your insured car, in which most times will be for emergency or non-emergency cases. Below is the list of major situations that will require you to bring out the car coverage scheme number given to you.

– During an occurrence of a car accident: no matter how good your driving is, you cannot fully escape from accidents, at least small ones. Each victim will use their policy number when filling the claim.

– When you want to change or renew your policy because of expiration. and you may also want to change your insurer, you will need the policy number for that!

– You may need to contact your car insurance provider.

– When you claim for any other loss within your policy apart from a car accident.

– Cases where you are being pulled over by the police.

When do I need someone else’s policy number?

A straight-through answer is when there is an accident between you and other drivers, you will need to ask your co-victim for their car insurance proof of preference to check for the policy number, as it will be used while filing claims. It is also recommended to take a clear shot of the number on the card instead of writing it somewhere because it may get lost.