The cryptocurrency field is one field that has not been exploited by many as to how they can gain from it. This is probably because it is at its initial stage and not that many people have invested their time and effort into the whole idea. Some people are also not cocksure that they can confidently invest in Cryptocurrency and gain from it altogether.

However, integration of the Cryptocurrency filed with other aspects such as PayPal is a promising venture. This will enable those involved with cryptocurrencies to manage their money in a more comfortable manner. PayPal also smoothens Cryptocurrency’s whole idea because of the intensified security that provides confidence to the users. The transactions will also be conveniently done, and they would benefit users whether they are buying or selling cryptocurrencies.

Strategies to Make Money from Cryptocurrency


Cryptocurrencies present a wide variety of opportunities through which an individual can make money when they get involved. You can make money instantly from Bitcoins through the numerous options that you are presented with. All it takes is a little bit of expertise, and you should be able to understand your way around the whole sector.

Even though the cryptocurrency field is just starting out and not so many people are involved in the whole idea, there are a handful of ways one can gain. The few who have invested in cryptocurrencies are heavy with expectations of what the entire investment can offer.

They are also optimistic about Cryptocurrency, even though there have been a few instances where the prices of the cryptocurrencies have dropped. However, their chins are always held high because on the good days, they acquire significant gains that make them invest even more.

Some of the common ways to make money from cryptocurrencies include:



The whole idea of investing in cryptocurrencies entails buying a crypto coin such as bitcoin and holding it as an asset. In this case, the bitcoin is volatile in the short-term has significant long-term potential. You can then proceed to sell the bitcoins on a specific date of the year when their prices shoot and hence gain from the entire transaction. Therefore, holding the cryptocurrencies for the long term works to help earn from the same.

Investing can be regarded as a way of making money from bitcoins because you can decide to make an instant sale and not wait that long.

Trading in Cryptocurrencies


Unlike investing, trading is mainly done on a short-term basis, where you, as the investor, take advantage of the numerous short-term opportunities. You will gain from this only if you use the expertise and experience that you gain from the entire activities over the years. The whole process entails analyzing charts and technical indicators, just as in the case of the stock market shares. You can then make an informed decision on which cryptocurrencies to buy and sell.

Bitcoins can be traded so that you make money instantly when the price of the bitcoin you have goes up. In trading, this is regarded as a short position from which you can earn the profit. The margin, which is the difference between the price at which you bought the bitcoin and the selling price is what you take home.

Crypto Social Media

Source: news.bitcoin

Another simple way that you can use to earn money from cryptocurrencies is through creating and curating content on the same. You build content and are rewarded for your efforts, and this is done through various platforms. Many social media platforms have emerged over the years, which can be used to achieve this and make it possible for you to earn money through the process.

Stacking and Lending


Stacking entails locking your cryptocurrencies in a particular wallet and then collecting rewards for your effort in validating the transactions. What you do is validate the Proof of Stake (PoS) network. This task is energy efficient as it does not entail the use of costly hardware to get done.

Through this process, you are lending your coins, those in the wallet, to the network. This ensures that the transactions are verified and secured-which is the core principle of cryptocurrencies. You could also loan your Bitcoins to others and have them pay back with interest.

Mining Bitcoins


You can make money instantly from bitcoins by engaging in mining-which has been in existence for quite a while now. This will need you to get involved in verifying transactions and securing a Proof of Work (PoW). In return, you get paid new coins for your efforts. Unlike when it began, you now need specialized mining hardware and not just an ordinary computer to get the mining tasks done.

Just like investing, you want to make use of the historical context of the current price of a cryptocurrency. This means that

As seen above, there are several ways that you can invest in the cryptocurrency field. The whole idea involves dealing with a variety of cryptocurrencies on a daily basis after a calculated strategy. This even gets better with the integration of PayPal that is used to make the transaction safer and faster than before.

PayPal also works to keep your identity safe and that you don’t share vital bank details-which keeps the money in your bank safe. This guarantees your security as a buyer or seller. Another thing is that quality is guaranteed when PayPal is used as a medium of sending money on completion of a transaction. Similarly, PayPal offers a platform that enables you to access peer-to-peer marketplaces that expose you to various opportunities.

Buying Bitcoins


According to TradingGator, there are various ways to buy Bitcoin with PayPal instantly from the market. While there is no direct way that you can use to buy Bitcoin using PayPal, one major advantage is that you can always get a reliable platform to work with. The platform, or marketplace, provides you with means to buy bitcoin using PayPal. However, the only issue is that the transactions can’t be reversed at any instance.

Some of the ways you can use to buy Bitcoin using PayPal include:

  • Etoro
  • Paxful
  • LocalBitcoins
  • Wirex

Bottom Line

Investing in cryptocurrencies is an idea that involves a high degree of risk, and that is why only a handful of people get involved. This is because of the large part of it that consists of taking home significant profits. It would be wise that before you apply in cryptocurrencies investment, you acquire the knowledge and expertise required for the type of investment that you get involved in.