The pandemic has made people rethink their current job. Working from home can be quite advantageous, and if there is an opportunity to start a business online, you would not have to work in an office.

Of course, a passive source of income can just function as a side hustle. Every bit of money will help to secure one’s future. So what are your options to make money on the internet? There are quite a few methods. See which of these work best for you. And remember that your success can be measured by the experience you gain, not just the amount of money you make.

Method #1 – Print on Demand

The demand for custom-made merchandise, such as mugs, t-shirts, hoodies, or calendars continues to grow. And starting a print on demand store with the help of Printify is not that difficult. It will take some time to establish the store and marketing to make first sales, but once you get in the groove of things, it should not be that much of an issue with scaling the business.

There is also an option to join someone who already has a venture up-and-running, but that might be too hard if you do not have graphic design or other particular skills to offer.

Method #2 – Online Courses

Online education has been on the rise before the pandemic. Now, most people have to stay at home and learn from there. But the tendency to demand knowledge is not going away any time soon.

The available platforms that offer online courses are starting to get more recognizable. Skillshare and Udemy are prime examples of this. You also have YouTube and other video websites where content creators share various tutorials.

These people are making money, and so can you, provided that you have skills that others will find useful, and can share them in the form of a video or text.

Method #3 – Blogging

Blogging is about consistency. If your head is filled with ideas all the time without relying on others, and you want to express them in the form of articles or video blogs, go for it. The money will start coming in as soon as you establish yourself as a recognizable blogger and gain an audience.

The monetization itself depends on one’s preferences. Some bloggers prefer to give shoutouts to various sponsors and work as influencers, others run ads, include affiliate links, or even start a Patreon page. Becoming an authority of the industry would also be good enough to attract other bloggers and charge them for guest-posting opportunities.

Of course, there is no reason to limit yourself to just a single method. You can always look to add more monetization ideas and make even more money that way.

Method #4 – Customer Support

Customer support employees appear to be in bigger demand than usual. More and more brands are shifting their focus to the internet and need people who can respond to customers no matter how late or early it is. After all, the customer experience is one of the priorities to ensure that the business is running without any hiccups.

Look for available job opportunities and send your CV to companies that are hiring. You will not have to leave your room to work. Necessary equipment and internet connection are all one needs.

Method #5 – Streaming


Streaming on platforms like Twitch TV and YouTube has worked out for a number of people. And what started as a place for gamers to show their skills has quickly turned into something much bigger.

Now you have variety streamers that entertain their watchers with cooking, music, or talk shows. If you feel like this is something you can do, streaming could be the perfect choice.

Money comes from donations, subscribers, and sponsorship deals. But that will depend on the number of viewers you can pull in.

Method #6 – Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants are not the best option for those who want to make a lot of money, but it can be a stepping stone in one’s journey. The experience is valuable, even if you start with trivial tasks. Moreover, you will have an opportunity to build yourself as a reliable person and get a recommendation from the employer. Speaking about the virtual world, you can also check the bitcoinrevolution and find out more on how to earn money trading the crypto.

Going forward, no matter what kind of job you decide to pick, will be easier as you will have someone to back you up in case future employees will ask for a reference.

Method #7 – Social Media

Social media marketing can be a lot of fun. And it does not have to be limited to just the most popular platforms, like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. New and emerging social media sites also have thousands of active users.

You could be the one managing brand accounts by creating and publishing content or responding to messages and comments. It is also possible to start your own channel and grow the number of followers until you have enough to consider yourself an authority or an influencer. Monetizing a social media profile with the right audience should never be an issue.

Method #8 – Online Surveys

Filling online surveys is not something you can benefit a lot from, but it is still a good way to add a little bit of income to what you currently have. In fact, it is one of the best options for people who can afford less than an hour every day. Be on the lookout of new surveys you can find both on a smartphone and using the internet with your computer.

Method #9 – Various Freelancing Gigs


Finding a freelancing gig should not cause a lot of issues for those who have skills that are in demand. SEO experts, copywriters, graphic designers, writers, social media managers, proofreaders are just a few examples. Look on Fiverr, UpWork, and other platforms to see the available job offers.

It will take a bit to establish yourself because feedback is important to attract the attention of potential employers. But if you persist and break through with a few jobs on the platform, finding will not be that much of an issue.