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The internet is a wonderful place that offers numerous possibilities and opportunities for people all around the world. Thanks to the World Wide Web we have access to more information than ever before, we can learn or even receive an education, conduct business, not to mention that we can communicate with others worldwide and enjoy all forms of entertainment.

However, another great advantage it brings to the table is that today, individuals also have a chance to work online, meaning that they can find jobs or even start companies and earn money in the process of course.

On the other hand, one needs to be careful what websites they use and where they find work because unfortunately, there are places that are not secure and cannot be trusted. Luckily, this is something that can easily be checked and confirmed but only if you are cautious enough and aware of both the good and bad sides of the internet.

If you are considering changing your career path and have decided to find a job online or if you are simply curious about how to make a living on the web, here are some great and trusted websites you can use.

1. Skillshare

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If you are great at teaching or tutoring and you have a specific skill set or if you are passionate about a certain hobby, then this is the perfect place for you. Skillshare offers you a chance to record a series of educational videos on a certain topic you have vast knowledge on and post them on the web page.

From video and photo editing, marketing, crafts, and cooking to singing, acting, writing, and even teaching languages, the possibilities are endless. All you have to do is share what you know and earn a percentage of the money individuals have paid to take your lectures.

2. Fiverr

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If you are a freelancer you can offer your services on Fiverr. It operates on a user-friendly interface and is pretty simple to use. The starting price for any type of service is $5 so you can make good money if people hire you. Another advantage? You get paid upfront so that you do not get ripped off and you can even charge extra for certain benefits such as express delivery date, extra services, and more.

You do not have to market yourself which is another great thing Fiverr offers and the account is fairly easy to set up. Although you set all the terms, have in mind that competition might be big depending on what you are offering.

3. iTakeSurveys

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Although it can be time-consuming, completing online surveys is a great way to make money at your own time and convenience. You can work as much as you want to and you do not need any qualifications, skills, or training.

iTakeSurveys provides an extensive list of all online survey web pages that are trustworthy and safe to work for. You can find everything in one place, so all you will have to do is find sites that you consider suitable and go ahead and register.

You can click here for more information about iTakeSurveys and what it has to offer.

4. Mechanical Turk

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The service is not one of the better-paying ones but it does provide the simplest job types out there. You can earn a few cents per task such as selecting which of the two pictures showcases a building, conducting simple data validation, labeling photos, and much more.

Although the pay is not optimal, with some practice and experience you will be able to make several dollars per hour.

5. eLance

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The service is a direct opposite of Fiverr since it enables freelancers to search for job opportunities through a very easy-to-use interface. You will be able to find any type of work that can be done over the internet such as editing, web designing, translating, programming, and others.

Understandably, your pay will depend on how much you work, meaning that you can make as much as you want to and even more. It is completely free and verified as well, just be aware that you will need to put in effort in order to establish yourself.

6. Zirtual

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The website allows you to become a virtual assistant to people who are very busy. Once hired, you might be required to complete all sorts of tasks such as subject research, writing emails, managing someone’s calendar, ordering gifts or flowers, and much more.

This is an online job that requires full-time work on weekdays and that is quite time-consuming and demanding. However, as hard as it is, it pays equally as well with the starting hourly wage amounting to $11.

7. Fotolia

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If photography is a serious hobby of yours and you enjoy taking a lot of pictures, you can upload them on Fotolia and sell them to be used as stock photos. This means you will earn a percentage once someone purchases your photograph for commercial use. Although anyone can sell their images on the web page, be aware that only great and high-quality photographs are likely to be sold.

8. Kindle Direct Publishing

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A perfect place for writers of any kind. The site offers you a chance to publish your work and sell it as an e-book. All you have to do is write your novel, edit it well, create a great cover, and do some online promotion through social media. What is great about this website is that it only takes 30% of your book price, meaning you get to keep the rest.

Think carefully when pricing your work and have in mind that it should cost less than a paperback. Also, putting a price that is too high might discourage people from giving your novel a try.


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As you can see, there are many legal and trustworthy ways to earn money online. One simply needs to be careful, choose wisely, and work hard in order to succeed. Consider all of your options and weigh the pros and cons before choosing a site or two to conduct your business on.

Just be patient, give it your all, and take things seriously, and you will see that it is, indeed, possible to make a living by working online.