Medical Clinics Should Invest in Virtual AI Scribe

Traditionally, doctors and medical professionals have many responsibilities in addition to just caring for patients. Most notably, they must notate the relevant information about every visit in the patient’s chart. This is necessary to ensure a holistic approach to healthcare. A substantial amount of time may lapse before the doctor sees that particular patient again, or that patient may see another healthcare professional. The notes in the patient’s chart will be referred to in future visits.

Doctors and medical professionals typically either handwrite or dictate chart notes for each patient and then send them out to be transcribed at a substantial expense. Fortunately, artificial intelligence and machine learning applications like Scribeamerica allow doctors to focus on patient care instead of note-taking. Scribeamerica is a breakthrough in the way transcribing is completed that is revolutionizing patient care in the medical industry.

Here’s what you need to know.

What is Scribeamerica?


Scribeamerica uses a combination of machine learning and natural language processing to record and seamlessly chart in the background as medical encounters take place. It naturally captures the entire patient encounter while generating clinical notes. The clinical notes are then verified for accuracy and quality by trained transcriptionists experienced in the healthcare industry.

How This System Revolutionizes Healthcare

Utilizing an asynchronous scribing system with artificial intelligence (AI) framework allows healthcare providers to focus on patient care. Medical providers can have meaningful conversations with patients rather than searching for cues related to future administrative duties. Healthcare providers are brilliant multitaskers, but their multiple responsibilities can sometimes inhibit the level of patient care provided.

Rather than thinking about the notes which must be transcribed long after the patient is gone, the medical staff can rest easy and focus completely on patient care. Knowing that the entire patient encounter is being captured and transcribed provides a modicum of security to healthcare professionals. These professionals can then direct their full attention to the reason for the patient’s visit and provide top-quality care.

Benefits of Scribeamerica


Transitioning to a system such as Scribeamerica offers multiple benefits for medical providers and organizations. It is available even in remote areas and is much more cost effective than traditional transcription services. Utilizing a virtual scribe positively impacts the revenue cycle because it shortens the provider’s workday while improving morale.

When doctors and organizations provide quality care, they become coveted among patients. Patients enjoy seeing energetic medical providers who love what they do and relieving medical staff of heavy administrative burdens allows them to flourish in their positions. Virtual scribes present no privacy concerns or scheduling conflicts to interrupt patient care.

A virtual scribing system integrates seamlessly with any Electronic Health Record (EHR) and supports all medical specialties. It is portable and fully HIPAA compliant to ensure it can be used effortlessly by any doctor or organization who wants to improve the quality of care offered at their facility.

Improve Efficacy and Efficiency


Virtual scribes like Scribeamerica shoulder much of the administrative responsibilities that lead to burnout in the medical profession. Providers often work long hours performing tedious administrative tasks well after the patient is gone. This often reduces their quality of life and in turn, the level of care they can provide. Offloading these time-consuming administrative tasks allow providers to concentrate on their core competencies while streamlining the documentation of services.

A more efficient workflow leads to shorter patient wait times and higher patient satisfaction scores. Critical information is recorded in real-time to optimize provider productivity while in the office and provide them with a better work-life balance. Overall, the entire practice becomes more productive because streamlined workflows are more efficient.

Enhanced Patient Relationships

When medical professionals aren’t trying to multitask their way from underneath an overwhelming burden of administrative tasks, positive changes occur. They tend to maintain eye contact with conversing with patients and listen more actively during the consultation. This fosters a deeper connection with patients, along with a relationship built on mutual trust and understanding.

Too many times, patients feel like cattle being herded in and out of the office because doctors and medical staff are distracted with administrative duties. When doctors and patients collaborate throughout the visit, patient care tends to be more productive and have a better outcome. Patients are more likely to participate in their own care and accurately follow treatment plans leading to better results.

Improved Accuracy


The human mind is brilliant, but it is also subject to error. When medical professionals are overworked, burnt out, and distracted, they are more likely to miss something. Even dictating notes at the time of the consultation does not ensure accuracy. However, capturing the entire patient encounter in the background without interrupting the flow of care improves the accuracy of the patient record while increasing care interaction between providers and patients. There is no risk of leaving out relevant care data, which may be crucial to an accurate diagnosis or future patient care.

Care Continuity

In addition to better outcomes and a more accurate patient record, utilizing virtual scribes improves patient care continuity. Better, more accurate patient records mean quality coordination among providers, nursing staff, and even pharmacists. This reduces the risk of errors and improves the quality of care offered at every point throughout the process. Improved care continuity results in better overall outcomes and higher satisfaction scores among patients.

Consider Scribeamerica Today


If you are a medical provider or an organization whose providers struggle with burnout or high turnover rates among providers, consider Scribeamerica today. It’s an intuitive way to provide better patient care while improving satisfaction rates among providers and patients alike. Improve the accuracy of patient health records, organizational productivity, and workflow efficiency while providing the best quality care possible. Increase revenues while improving revenue cycle management and a higher level of patient care on the continuum with less effort.

Utilizing a virtual scribe enhances the relationship between patient and provider while offering providers a better work-life balance. Reduce turnover and administrative overhead with a simple investment that offers multiple advantages for both the practice and the patient. If you work in the medical industry, consider a system that is portable and HIPAA-compliant. Rather than diverting the provider’s attention to administrative tasks, capture the entire patient encounter and rest easy knowing you have complete charting capabilities to improve patient care and satisfaction today.