Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the stock markets all over the world aren’t performing very well. Undeniably, 2024 has been a difficult and challenging time for most businessmen. It looks like it needs a long period before the stock market completely heals from the effects of this pandemic.

This 2024, more investors choose to invest in gold that keeps on creating and crossing milestones in terms of prices. If you’re also considering this investment but don’t know where to start, here are some ways that you can consider:

Purchase Stocks in A Gold Miner


One way to invest in gold is to purchase stock from gold miners. In fact, it’s one of the best alternatives for investors as they’ll be able to profit. When gold rises, the profit of the miner will also rise.

Miners also have the capacity to amplify the production over time, offering double jinx effects. Thus, you’ll have two ways to win, and that’s much better compared with relying on the rising cost of gold alone to maintain your investment.

Also, when you’re considering this method, you can use your brokerage account for investing.

Invest in Gold Bullion


If you’re not sure how to buy gold in Australia, check out sites like When it comes to investing in gold, people think of big and shiny gold bars secure in vaults. Gold bullion comes in the form of bars that range from a couple of grams to 400 ounces. However, it’s typically available as 1- and 10-ounce bars.

Given the fact that the value of gold is constantly rising, this makes it investing in bullion a costly plan. Compared with stocks, there’s no way for you to get fractional shares of gold bars.

Because of the expensive price of gold bullion, it’s crucial that you choose a reputable and reliable dealer. Also, pay for a delivery that has insurance or secures the gold in a safe deposit or a big vault.

If you’re considering this method, it’s important that you keep updated on the cost of gold. Thus, you can choose the perfect time to purchase as the majority of dealers update the prices, depending on the present spot prices.

On the other hand, you can also watch this YouTube video if you’re having a hard time choosing the best AXC gold stock.

Buy Solid Gold Jewelry

When you visit jewelers and buy a ring, necklace, or bracelet, you’ll almost certainly pay too much for the gold’s original price. As the majority of retail jewelers add a significant markup for pieces of gold jewelry, it may take years before the prices catch up.

The best thing that you can do is to buy from private sellers and not at an auction. Jewelry found at auctions is typically pre-appraised and priced above the gold value. In fact, you’ll have better luck at a private seller or from junk markets and garage sales.

The value of gold jewelry will depend upon the gold’s purity. Ones that are labeled 99.99 percent pure or 24-karat should be of high purity with worth equivalent to raw gold bullion. Remember, the lower the karat, the less pure the gold.

Now, that’s another way to invest in gold.

Consider Gold Certificates


Gold certificates prove your possession of gold on paper. In the US, these certificates were initially gold-backed. They’re worth their face amount in the currency of the United States until the desertion of the gold standard in the 1930s. However, if you see old US gold certificates, don’t get too excited because they only have collectible values now. It means you’ll not be able to run to banks to redeem gold.

Still, you can purchase a gold certificate from a bank offering physical gold. But, if you do, technically, the bank will owe you what you’ve acquired; you’ll not own it. Rather, you’ll own gold that is unallocated as the certificates denote the value of gold but not a particular bullion.

The good thing is that unallocated goals don’t need a very high premium. Thus, you can purchase it and forget about it if it doesn’t work. But, as you don’t own the physical gold, the bank, on the other hand, can deny itself without your input and reimburse you after.

Otherwise, you can purchase a gold certificate to allocate gold. This means you’ll have possession of the physical gold, and the bank will offer you the serial numbers of the gold bars. But, the bank may charge you a considerable amount if you buy gold bars as it’ll store the gold in its own vault.

Remember, allocated gold will belong to you and not the bank. Thus, it can’t be liquidated or held. If your bank fails, you can take ownership of your allocated gold by verifying possession of your gold certificate. You can keep physical gold at a reasonable price than pay the bank to hold your gold tied to a certificate.


According to some financial analysts, investing in gold is safe. It’ll offer you a safe and secure net, particularly when significant global events take place. It’s not as easily affected as other forms of investment.

One of the best things about gold is that it holds its value and even amplifies during recessions in the global stock market. Purchasing gold as one part of a varied portfolio may help hedge you from economic incapacities. This is one investment that has the potential to tide you over.

As a long-term investment, you’re actually better off purchasing gold as it dependably holds and, most importantly, grows its value as time passes by. Keep in mind that short-term investments can be volatile; you can find your return shifting wildly. You could also lose more than you expect.

In general, investing in gold is an excellent plan and may strengthen your financial position in the long run. If you’ve decided to give this investment a try, hopefully, the above-mentioned ways will help you in getting started this 2024.