If you are a company owner, you know that your telephone line is your connection to the world, including your customers, supporters, investors, suppliers and everyone else. Which means you need to pay attention when setting it up. You always want the best and most effective way to communicate. If you somehow manage to choose the wrong telephone system for your company, it may have some financial and operation repercussions.


In this article, we’ve prepared a few tips for you to choose the best telephone system for your company. Let’s begin.

Take a look at your business plan

To have a successful business, you need to have a business plan. And in the business plan you can find every detail that is significantly important for your company. We’re mentioning this because inside your business plan you can find the amount of employees that your company has now, and potentially have in the future. And by doing this, you will get a clear idea of how many telephones and telephone lines you need for every employee. Most of those simple two-line business phones that can be purchased at any electronic store can support up to four or five employees. But, if you’re planning to hire a lot more than that in the future, you need to plan accordingly.

On which way will your company function?

Are you going to have a receptionist or will the callers use and auto-attendant to reach the desired individuals? You need to have a clear picture of how you want your company to function so you can set up everything that’s needed beforehand and avoid possible complications in the future.


Geographic locations are extremely important

You need to examine your company’s geographic locations and decide what to do with your phone lines from there. If you want to have multiple locations spread across the continents, you will have some troubles with the standard landline routine. This is where the newer IP telephone options can save the day. Yeastar IP PBX System is one of the options that can come in handy. Tons of companies and organizations are switching to the newer method of IP telephony, instead of using the old, traditional and expensive methods. There are just so many advantages when it comes to using this modern method and it is just extremely hard to pass on.

Especially for companies that require multiple offices, if you choose to go on the traditional way, you need to buy a piece of really expensive hardware for each office, and then you have tons of paperwork that needs to be done. By using IP telephony, all you need to do is set up a few smart devices and you’re good to go. No further costs are needed, just the required internet access, and you’re fully set-up. Also, one of the most important things for running a company is the ability to make conference calls whenever you need them, and with Yeastar IP PBX System, that’s quick and easy to do.