The smartphone industry has proven the leader in the way how companies conduct their internal and external communications. With applications that even reduce phone call costs, smartphones have become the preferred devices to conduct communications.

But with all that said, there are reasons why your business should use a legacy telephone system. Since the rise of smartphones has damaged the impact of legacy telephones, manufacturers have had to upgrade these devices with the latest technology in order to make them relevant.


In this article, we are going to talk about why you should use a Business Telephone System.

1. They Are More Cost Effective

What makes smartphones better than landline telephones is their portability and mobility. But the recent technological advancements have further shown why landlines are better than smartphones. Since both devices use the same operating system, and both devices are controlled at service centers, the key feature that landlines hold over smartphones is their ability to use multiple channels. Much like the Internet, landline telephones can connect to multiple channels, meaning that you get more room for calls and data. Since data is cheaper than airtime, business telephone systems are considered more cost-effective than smartphones.


2. They Epitomize Professionalism

Since there have been many allegations where smartphones have been found prone to tapping, the case is not quite the same with a business telephone system. Since landline telephones are perfect for conducting classified business that means that they are the perfect example of how professional a company should be. Furthermore, a business telephone system is more secure because you control the communications avenue, rather than a third party.

What this means is that you can have a business telephone system for all of your internal and external communications without needing to do through external servers. Furthermore, technological advancements have allowed for these devices to have top-level encrypted protection.


3. You Can Have Worldwide Access

The problem with modern business smartphones is that companies can limit their use to only the office. Modern landline telephones have come a lot since the old days of static telephones. Since the people who manufacture these devices don’t sleep all day, they’ve come up with a way to allow worldwide access to your landline phone. Certain apps have been created to allow you to dial from your landline phone even if you are halfway across the globe. This means that you can communicate and contact your business associates, clients and partners directly from your office landline, but from any part of the world. Having the ability to do that through your business telephone system only improves your business professionalism.



By now we all know how important both internal and external communication for any business’s success is. By using a business telephone system, you are only improving your business professionalism while keeping up with the recent trends. Through the help of apps that are being developed for business telephone systems, you will be using a flexible solution for all your business communication problems. That further increases your credibility guarantees communication security and offers you a cost-effective business solution.