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Getting yourself or a dear one out of custody is no easy task! Fortunately, you have the bail bond system in place. And that enables you to free your loved and dear one fast. However, a defendant’s family needs to know the bail bond system completely before opting in for the bond.

It is indeed surprising that people are unaware of the multiple bond types. The people in custody require to opt-in for a specific bail bond type. To know more about this, you can check out Some of the popular types you should stay aware of are:

1. Cash bonds

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The name explains the nature of it! It means you need to make a cash payment to move out of jail. In specific cases, the cash bail bond usually gets covered by credit cards or the cashier’s check. But in most of the situations, only cash gets accepted. Here it’s essential to keep a vast amount saved for the necessary corrections that might occur. And since a section of people might not be as cash-rich as others, they will eventually turn to an expert bail bond agent.

2. Immigration bail bonds

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These are specific ones used, especially for the undocumented immigrants present in the United States. The criteria here are different depending on the immigrant’s legal status. And the defendant might have to witness hurdles getting the same. Hence, if you are joining hands with a bail bonds agent, make sure they specialize in immigrant bonds.

3. Surety bonds

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Do you have no cash to bail yourself? If yes, you should get in touch with a bail bond company. One of the common bond types is the surety bond. You can opt-in for it, by simply agreeing to pay about 10% of the entire bail amount. You also need to promise to make the necessary court appearances. The bail bond company covers you for the remaining 90%! The companies in this field today work flexibly, to offer flexible and easy plans to cater to your requirements.

4. Property bonds

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These bail bonds don’t get accepted in a few states! When you opt-in for a property bond, the complete property right gets used as collateral. You can have various kinds of property. One of the common types is real estate. These bonds are perfect to opt-in for when a defendant’s family has a financial issue or less cash at hand. Using the surety and cash bonds, the defendants would get free within a few hours. But when it comes to the property bond, things get managed directly from the court. Hence, the court hearing is essential. Thus, it might take a few days to a week to secure this bond. Also, there are unwarranted court delays as well. It is essential for the defendant’s family to know about this aspect and then say yes to this bail bond.

It is, therefore, quiet time consuming to get a property bond. However, a surety bond could be obtained just in an hour. We know that in the case of a property bond, your property has to be evaluated to ascertain its precise current value. Then a court hearing would be conducted for making sure that everything is as per agreement. As such, getting this sort of a property bond seems to be a relatively lengthy process and could take a few weeks to obtain.

5. Citation Release

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Out of all sorts, Citation Release is regarded as the best one to opt for since it implies that you would not be taken into custody at all. A citation release is issued when the suspect is not taken to the police station by the arresting officer, instead, he issues a citation ordering the suspect or accused to appear on a specified date before the court. Citation releases are generally issued in the case of minor crimes and that may include traffic violations.

A citation release does not seem to be something you fight for or apply for rather it is as per the arresting officer’s discretion. If the officer decides to place you in his custody, the situation would call for another kind of bail bond.

6. Recognizance Release

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PR OR bonds are just like a citation release just that they would be issued only after a court conducts a proper bail hearing. In the event the court allows this sort of bail, the suspect would be released from police custody on one condition that he would be appearing before the court on a specified date. Moreover, the defendant must assure compliance of all other bail conditions imposed by the court.

This one is quite easy and convenient to use. No money would be needed. Only you need to promise that you would be appearing before the court on the date specified by it. Once the paperwork has been signed by you, everything is set for you to be released from police custody. Even though in this case, no money is officially charged but you need to pay a penalty or fine for not being present on the specified date before the judge.

7. Unsecured or Signature Bond

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An unsecured bail bond is often referred to as a signature bond and is applicable only after a court conducts a bond hearing and goes on to impose a certain bail amount, however, the suspect does not need to pay that specified amount for getting released. The defendant may not pay any cash for being released instead; he must necessarily sign an agreement or contract that states clearly that if the suspect does not come to the court when required, he would be ordered to at once surrender the predetermined bail amount.

8. Federal Bail Bonds

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When you are faced with a federal criminal charge, only a federal bail bond could be used under the circumstances. These federal bonds are pretty similar to the already discussed property bonds. In this case, the transaction would be done straight away with the court and there is no need for a bail bondsman. Remember you could use both property and cash for obtaining this bail bond.


Each bail bond is aimed at freeing the defendant from the jail! However, based on their features and functions, the time might vary. Consult an expert company to know the difference and make an informed choice.